Your food relationship – achieve your meal and fat loss goal faster


Food – no one of us can go without it! But how do you think food influences our eating habits? Are you a person looking at food as body fuel, do the various tastes, textures, nutritional values ​​of food excite you? In today's health-conscious world, you probably think that most people will enter the latter group.

Eat and Burn

In its simplest form, food gives us the calories we need to run every day. When there are too few calories, the body looks to its own reserves. If there are too many calories, the body puts them during storage (ie as body fat). At purely mathematical level, as long as we burn only the amount we consume, no extra body fat will occur. Yes, yes, it is possible to eat junk food, but it is thin, we eat food how much Food Fanatics

Not all foods are made evenly . There is no doubt that it is said that the same merit of health is equal between caramel · flap jack and organic apple with the same number of calories. At the "eat and bake" basic level, yes, they may provide the same number of calories to our body, but matter is certainly important.

The world of food has gone crazy in recent years. We all know that organic apples are collapsing with good health, but flap jacks are suffering from sugar and other nutritional deficiencies. All other programs on TV are cooking programs. But why do we stick to it? At the end of today it is only a body fuel …

I must admit that it is a modern food. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and I strongly believe in the health benefits of natural foods. In my eyes, there is nothing wrong with this. Food has a wonderful ability to make us happy, so let's use it. However, we need to recognize the fundamental relationship with food. There is definitely a risk of obsession with food. Such obsession appears as eating food of "junk", counting lifelong calories, probably doing bad things and punishing themselves. We each have our own relationship with food, we should remove the stratum to know the bottom of what reason, in order to make the most of the food. Why did you have to eat popcorn while watching the movie last night? Why did I have to drink alcohol during last week's socializing?

Strategy to avoid obsessed with food and achieve your eating habits goal

Like us, we understand eating food. Depending on the food for survival, we all have a relationship with food.

There are several ideas to help you find, change and nurture your food relationship.

  • Create a list of black, gray, white you eat well . The most healthy is black, most often white. So while you are in your kitchen and your cupboard is trying to cut out a whitelist (typically fresh fruit, vegetables, salt-free nuts and seeds, blacklist stuff (sugar, you You can put a scoreboard to measure the number of foods in each color group you are eating Monitoring the results will force the truth
  • You clearly how much you are enjoying about the food For me, I can feel happy when I eat healthy but I have a soft place for beer and ice cream (not together!) So I You have noticed these things over and over.You may enjoy some type of cuisine or you may need to eat it Know the character of your food
  • Be wise about the availability of food – Perhaps the most important factor in maintaining a healthy diet is to get healthy food all the time Because most people do not have much access, they rely on non-healthy food.The little effort of your part and healthy food can be fast food in every busy life
  • Similarly, if you are not at the beginning of your house you can not eat it!
  • Also prepare your healthy food in advance, If you are strong If you do not have the power, please avoid the fatal step of bringing annoying foods to the house too frequently I picked up things and thought that it would be saved on a rainy day, but the temptation at night It is full Well, before you know it, it is in your belly.

Free your food and do not trap it with rules

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