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Statistics on eating disorders are anorexia (anorexia nervosa) and bulimia (bulimia nervosa) are inherently large mental or emotional disorders, both of which are devastating to the body It causes damage, irreversible.

The station on eating disorders shows that both anorexia and bulimia become like that due to a transformed self image. The two diseases are very different, but we will explain it below, but there are some things in particular about the spiritual outlook of victims and the way they look at their bodies.

Anorexia nervosa (About eating disorders, it is simply called anorexia.)

Bringing mental and emotional restraint to people suffering from anorexia, as if the body is It seems as though it feels as thin as possible. Anorexia has done tremendous damage to the body and it is addressing important issues.

– It is surprising to learn that there are several types of anorexia and that about 5% of all American women experience one kind of anorexia. Coincidentally, when 15% of all American women will eat, they act unhealthy. Few people know exactly how much people are facing the problem of anorexia. 5% of all women account for one in 20 women who have clear problems in disability.

– Studies show that girls are starting a diet to control weight problems at junior high school. We insist that such pressures are too strong for our children and claim that advertising must bear more responsibility when marketing towards applicants. The study also showed that over 85% of all individuals with anorexia developed symptoms by 20 years of age.

43% of the surveyed patients said that the problem began between the ages of 16 and 20, about 33% had anorexia between 11 and 16 years, 10% Began.

– Women are most relevant to cases of anorexia nervosa, but males may also be affected. Indeed, 5-10% of all anorexia cases have appeared in men.

– Eating disorders become a very serious problem. Although it is a tough statistic to consider, nearly 20% of people suffering from eating disorders will die for that condition.

Bulimia nervosa (in most steroids related to eating disorders, it is simply called bulimia nerves)

Binge eating is overly involved in the image of the body and often shows the same low self-esteem as anorexia. However, their way of weight loss is different and dangerous. In most cases, purge will be performed. Binge eating is often infatuated with food, moving to the bathroom before eating huge sweet high calorie food, to eat the food so that the body does not take calories.

– Many binge eating disorder have few observable symptoms and it is difficult to know whether there is a problem. Many university women are affected by bulimia, but research has shown that as many as 10% of women in college age suffer from binge eating.

– Like anorexia, women often suffer from bulimia, but men do not say that they have no effect. Approximately 10% of all bulimia is male.

– What you should be aware of when trying to discover whether an individual is suffering from hyperphagia is its weight. Typical brimic weights vary between 10 pounds and 15 pounds, less than their ideal weight, 10 pounds to 15 pounds below the ideal weight.

– Everyone may develop cases of bulimia, but studies have shown that many cases have developed in the young age. In the studies conducted, it was shown that 82% of all eating disorders developed in children under 20 years of age.

– Anorexia is generally thought to be the most common eating disorder, but cases of binge eating are more common. About 1% of all women between the ages of 12 and 25 have anorexia, but one of seven women between the ages of 12 and 25 develops bulimia.

– Overeating in which bulimia is engaged in them often follows the pattern. A bottle may range from a calorie intake of 1 calorie to more than 20,000 calories of a meal.

Statistics on eating disorders show that the problems of both anorexia and bulimia are quite serious. In fact, severe cases can lead to suicide. You will be more vigilant if you will solve the problem when it happens to someone you know. When discussing these obstacles, please give consideration and love to those suffering. And please expect to be forwarded. Please do your best to help your beloved person solve the problem seeking help from counselors and doctors.

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