You are what your grandmother eats!


Another catchy phrase or clever slogan is accepted as too much a true commentary on human condition, "You have eaten!" Physical, emotional. "Put in trash and put out garbage"

But I am trying to raise another level. "You are also grandma's to eat." And she in front of her. And they. And from now on, infinitely. It's not really a new idea, but it attracts a lot of attention in the diet, nutrition and fitness industries. And for good reason it is true.

It is called "metabolic typing" and the missing link between one nutrition plan works perfectly for Jane, but it does not work for January. Why does Mike lose weight by getting energy while eating a lot of carbohydrates? Pack it in pounds and go to bed as soon as dinner.

Sometimes metabolic typing is the key to the start heading of this week's "Low Fat Diet"
. "The greatest study of that kind" spending millions of dollars working with 49,000 elderly women in the basic period of 8000 is a major disease of heart disease, fatty meals among women who eat low blood sugar People who consume a regular part of fat.

OK, what is this metabolism typing? How does it work? Simply put, metabolic typing will determine the proper proportion of fat, protein, carbohydrates needed for your body to feel, look, and perform at your peak. It is what your natural genetic make-up needs to fight disease and to reverse several medical conditions. And it is all genetically based … it belongs to you. Your genes. Where did your parents come from the world? What did your ancestors eat? Does it make sense?

Let's connect several points.

In the early 1930's, Weston Price (DDS) wanted to know why Americans suffered from such severe tooth decay and gingival diseases. So he began a wonderful journey to study the nutritional pattern of 'isolated primitive man living in indigenous food'. From Alaska's Eskimos to Australian Aborigines, African tribes, South China Sea natives, traditional American Indians, these "primitive" people are said to be the healthiest and most structurally sound in the world It was. And they also could not touch the sophisticated processed food of modern civilization.

There are no chips, french fries, hot dogs, dog dogs, corn dogs or coke. There is no sneaky joe, cheese and mac. There is no pizza, pasta, Philadelphia cheese steak. The results published with the photographs published in the epoch-making 'nutrition and body degeneration' book of 1938 were remarkable.

These tribes from distant parts of the world kept a fundamentally different diet (all meals contained animal fats, but some eat only fish, They eat only a part of the meat, base etc.) – They had nearly perfect teeth and pallets, well-developed skeletal structure and facial bones … and there is no degenerative disease! Now we have all the dots connecting us.

Once "modern" meals of sophisticated sugar, white powder, vegetable oils, processed foods (preservatives, additives, antibiotics etc.) are introduced to these remote people, Dental caries and degenerative diseases are intense! However, when they were removed from their lifestyle again, there were tooth decay, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. DOT, DOT, DOT.

Present irrefutable evidence that eating is worthwhile because eating the things you really eat and what the grandma eats is the most suitable meal for your genetic needs Did. Chemistry of your body. The environment and lifestyle of your ancestor,

By the way, the points were scattered all over the world from moist tropical rain forests to the Arctic iceberg, but Eskimos need fat and tropical indigenous people need carbohydrates All things such as doing, were linked by the devastating effects of sophisticated sugar, white powder, processed food of modern civilization. Regardless of where your parents came from, do not make Twinkies anymore for you!

Introduction to the basics of metabolic typing is not complete without this important warning. Please remember that we live in "great melting point". Identifying and isolating your accurate genetic background is at best difficult. The structure and properties of the body also help typing, but the environment, lifestyle habits, activity level, food preferences, etc. all play an important role. Most people need a little technical assistance to learn the true metabolic pattern and make an ideal diet plan to nurture it.

"It is true to yourself" and knowing "where you are coming from" took a whole new meaning! And it will give you a lifetime of good health and perfect happiness ….

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