Women's Health and Acupuncture


Women of all ages can benefit from acupuncture

Acupuncture treats both general optimal health conditions and treatment of certain gynecological problems including infertility, It is a valuable tool for promoting the health of women. This works by restoring the balance of airflow, energy, and the balance of yin and yang conflicting in the body.

For young adolescent females just after menstruation, acupuncture and moxibustion helps relieve convulsions and PMS. Acupuncture is a painless method of correcting health problems using small stainless needles placed in specific parts of the body. The menstrual cycle can be done comfortably and regularly so as not to interfere with normal daily activities. Your mother may tell her time is difficult until her first baby, but you do not have to wait long for it.

Menstruation is a natural and normal process, but it is difficult for many women. Symptoms include pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, breast tenderness, insomnia and gastrointestinal disorders. These symptoms may have a serious effect on normal daily life. Acupuncture and herbs give good results in the treatment of PMS. Your practitioner should take time to practice natural remedies, diet changes, herbs to enhance treatment outcomes.

Acupuncture also provides physical and emotional support for childbirth. Three weeks before your deadline, acupuncture will encourage softening and thinning of the cervix. These treatments can reduce the chances of exceeding 40 weeks and shorten working time. It reduces the need for medication and augmentation of pain, so it can be used during childbirth. For women who are about to become pregnant, acupuncture helps to solve infertility problems. After childbirth, acupuncture and moxibustion and medicinal herbs are very useful for restoring and replenishing new mother's energy. In addition, acupuncture provides powerful relief from anxiety in either pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum.

Women with menopausal disorder significantly reduce flushing and nighttime sweat, making this transition time much more comfortable. Treatment focuses on stopping excessive sweating and restoring peace.

Acupuncture is effective for other women's health problems:



vaginal discharge

Menstruation problem




Breast expansion



High flow rate

irregular period

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Skipped period

Menopausal symptoms


Hot flash

Night sweat

poor sleep





low back pain

Morning disease

Postpartum Depression and Fatigue


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