Why Women Choose To Breastfeed


Becoming a mama is one of the best experiences for any woman. They are getting excited while they are pregnant, start preparing a new room as a woman and think of everything you have to be careful about when you arrive.

The first thing you should do when you are born is whether you bottle or breastfeed. The options are completely up to you, but before deciding, it is important to know the advantages of breastfeeding. Why is there better reason to wait for baby bottles to be used for 2 to 3 months or until 1 year old?

Healthy Bodies

The greatest benefit a baby receives from breast milk is a healthy body! The formula contains important nutrients and vitamins that your baby needs, but it is not the same as getting it directly from your mother. When eating vegetables, fruits, protein, daily calcium and water quantity, than giving your children their respective nutrients.

Most studies tell breastfeeding has the ability to advance the immune system and help to eradicate infectious diseases since young age. It may also help to resolve diabetes and other diseases at a later date.

I know a woman who is feeding breast milk for more than a year to a child, and that children can fight infections in the stomach and suffer from obesity even if I get older like many children It was not done. If we can do this for a longer time for them, they will be better. In some cases, it is possible to stop inflation and discharge of gas.

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