Why our children die soon


After decades of progress in modern medicine, why is the mortality rate rising in 2016? Unfortunately, today's parents can expect to live longer than children, a sad commentary on today's lifestyle. Conclusion … If there are obesity epidemics among children in the United States, their lifespan is shortened and the mortality rate goes wrong.

America 's First Lady has overcome the cause of anti – obesity in American schools. Of course, public school officials should get rid of access to high calorie sweet drinks from our cafeteria. But our children spend less than 20% of class time. What is good when a child can not drink a high-calorie drink when the drink containing sugar in his refrigerator is full?

I asked recently, "What was the most important thing we can teach children?" The answer was to teach the children what the children are leaving us. I felt my emotions with my own eyes. I was always aware of the responsibility I felt as a role model.

This is my petition for a parent of a young child, as this is an article on obesity and mortality. The national focus to encourage healthier diet in public schools is drawing attention to the obesity crisis in the United States. Indeed, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, the inactivity of this problem is to begin with the lifetime of the members of the latest generation, two to five years later than that of the previous generation It will have results. Let's think about all the medical advances that our society has created and this for a moment. Children of this generation have a shorter life span than parents. A remarkable culprit is in my heart, there is fast food (I have never seen a child eat French fries), video games, and other screen activities that interfere with physical activity.

Also, whenever I hear that the incidence of obesity is high, I remind you of the epidemic of today's diabetes. In the United States, diabetes affects tens of millions of Americans, it costs about $ 174 billion annually and is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Studies have shown that the greatest risk factor for type 2 diabetes is overweight, a feature shared by 85% of diabetic patients. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 9 out of 10 cases of type 2 diabetes may precede through exercise, healthy diet, smoking cessation, and other health behaviors . Even moderate weight loss has been found to help people with diabetes achieve blood glucose control, sustainable, healthier, longer, more active lives.

According to the Diabetes Foundation's report, diabetes complications are sick. The most concern is that the likelihood of diabetic patients developing Alzheimer's disease is 65% higher. In addition, high proportion of diabetic patients leads to nervous system damage including carpal tunnel syndrome and sensory impairment of feet and hands. People with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to develop heart disease than others and 6 times more likely to suffer stroke. Unexpectedly, diabetic patients survive for an average of 6 years over non-diabetic patients. This can be prevented more frequently by reducing the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods that are prevalent in the American diet.

In other words, parents of young children in the United States need to fully understand and understand the health risks children face today and future health risks. They face the challenge of becoming overweight, and opportunities to become children with diabetes are increasing. Today's younger diabetic patients will have a 65% greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in later years. In addition, diabetes life six years less than non diabetic patients. Children with diabetes have far greater health disparities than those without disabilities.

The message is very crisp. But it has to be heard, understood, accepted and acted! The key to good parenting begins with loving children, but we need to step it a step further. First we need to start with accepting that we control the child's survival. We keep their death in the palm of the palm. When we soften them with fried potatoes and sweet drinks we promise to help shorten their life span. Once we are gone they will die long too soon. Is this the nationality you want to leave with your child? I do not want it.

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Allan Checkoway, RHU

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