Why lose weight can make you more money!


In a recent study published in the UK medical journal, you will find that you are healthier enough that you are richer. Scientists investigated the relationship between health and wealth in rich countries and found that healthy people are more productive at work and get more. They spend more days on the labor force because they do not take a break for sickness.

Very interesting results

Compared to obese women, women undergoing obesity higher education, or women in white collar above, compared with normal weight women, earn income The level is significantly lower. Overweight was not associated with male income drawbacks. It may seem obvious, but investment in weight loss can produce great profit for individuals, especially women. Exercise and healthy diet will improve blood flow to your most important body organ, your brain. If you like most people, I hope for more cash and more success. The first step is to take exercise and eat the correct food to maintain proper weight.

Please ask yourself a question.

Have you ever took a job and ate a very unhealthy lunch or snack while sitting on the desk? If your answer is 'yes'. Things that follow the meal usually feel you are lazy and not worthy of work or praise. Meanwhile, when you go for a walk with a healthy lunch, you will be back in good health.

Interesting statistical information

1. Fit people earn more money

2. Fit people get a better job

3. Healthy people are typically less stressful

4. The fitting person has a more positive appearance in life.

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