Why I Hate Fat Loss Diets For Women


Enrich people by sacrificing others

Meals reducing women's fat content have enriched millions of people. how?

I dislike it because I use a misleading advertisement, "simple stepping" desperate lady who wants to do something to lose weight

I do not know about you, but I'm planning a diet on TV. I do not think I want to do something fine, so I struggle against that power, but I am sure I know what you are talking about. The point is that most ads of low-fat meals mislead at least 80% of the time

will not tell you what you need to know

Giving a man's fish, Please tell me how to fish the person. And you helped him for all his life. I strongly believe in this philosophy.

We need a program that shows the causes of weight gain and how that program will be.

Food for each unique woman is not custom made

All women are different. You are you and your body respond differently to different things. When diet plans are sold to the masses, I often get tired of it as it doubts its effectiveness among all women. In fact, this goes to prove my point. Because most sellers are number games, more women will buy more money.

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