Why I Don’t Eat Boxed Cereal – Not Even the ‘Healthy’ Ones


When coming from another planet with a mission to understand human behavior, when entering the supermarket will you notice how much space the boxed grain has compared to others? Is there a straight passage ahead from top to bottom? Wow, this must be a very important food!

That's right. Like soda, boxed cereals are the culprits of modern eating habits.

[1] [1] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] [4] [5] boxed cereals, It is too expensive for cheap nutritional ingredients.

Three boxes to seven dollars. Hello! Do you know how expensive it is? Grains – good or bad – 'poor food', but in this case they are in a beautiful box, have a nice shape and have a crunch, so we can say "food The grain pound used to make boxed cereals such as corn, oats, rice, wheat etc. is between 25 cents and 3 dollars.

Cereals contain vitamins and minerals as "part of a complete breakfast" It is "rich" to do, but it is not possible to assimilate synthetic nutrients added to food just like natural ones. In many cases, these synthetic nutrients are out of natural circumstances and are toxic in the body, so they are harmful to health.

In order to become malnourished, I am paying a really intense price …

2. Boxed cereals are bad for digestion

Thankfully, I did not really eat boxed grain. My mother of her infinite wisdom – Should I say common sense? – I knew better than that.

But when I became vegan I ate boxed cereal … Oh, I went under the name of health. "Healthy" cereals with soy milk felt like bombs in my stomach all the time, but ignoring the signs that poor belly had been sending out, how this is good for me To my intellectual explanation, I am sure soymilk – another junk food, BTW – did not help but I always could not digest the paper cereal. Is this related to gluten intolerance developed by me? I have no scientific evidence, but somehow I know there's something out there.

After reading with many clients, I think that I know better than many experience, more importantly.

This is called extrusion. Essentially, grain sludge "spits out" through small holes of the shape you want. You can get O & # 39; s, charm, flakes, "bubbling" cereals etc etc. All this happens at very high temperatures, so the sludge dries as it passes through the extruder. High pressure and high temperature mixtures destroy and / or denature nutrients in cereals, especially proteins. Because damage to "healthy" crops contains more protein and fatty acids than normal.

Beautiful cereals are covered with oil and sugar, leaving attractive cereals. It also makes it difficult to incorporate nutrition.

Are all the cereals being extruded? I can not find enough information unilaterally either. Many people are not interested in financing scientific research on the health impact of boxed cereals, but otherwise they are digestive-friendly to make these grains. To you, cereals have antinutrients and enzyme inhibitors, requiring time-consuming processes such as germination, dipping, fermentation, fermentation, etc. Beyond those bad ones, it really keeps good health, belly [19659002] Do other industrial foods made of cereals such as bread, pasta, baked goods, etc. implies potentially damaging the gastrointestinal tract? Yes, it is.

* Asterisk !! * Do you know any special warning about not giving honey to children under 1 year old? Well, there should be something that is stamped on every grain box, except that it will be three years instead of one. It is about the same as a child developing the necessary enzymes to break down these kinds of carbohydrates. To think that Cheerios is one of the first solid foods we give … Ouch!


Like other combinations of sophisticated cereals and sugar, boxed grains cause high and low sugar to degrade into insulin resistance after abusing poor pancreas. I am busy, I am tired, feel uncomfortable, feel hungry on a hungry morning? Please try another breakfast.

4. All cereals contain phytate that inhibits absorption of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and especially zinc minerals. These phytate salts are part of the nutrient inhibitor at point # 2 and it is necessary to properly treat the particles in order to remove or minimize phytate.

So, what do you eat for breakfast?

This is a question asked by any other grain maker. Perhaps I am not growing up in this country, so I do not know why boxed cereals are such delusions.

But if it is a cereal you love you can try old style porridge made of whole grain soaked overnight Lemon juice, vinegar, yoghurt, whey etc. weakly acidic There is something to make it. My husband Scott kills and smears steel cut oats that have been pickled overnight in whey, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and oatmeal. In the morning he cooks it for 10 minutes and finishes it with cream fly and maple syrup.

Alternatively, you can get cereals made from cereals dehydrated after germination. I have to warn you that it is cheap and not easy to find. Tip: Look at the raw food island of the health food store. You can make these by yourself. It is not difficult, but it takes time.

The world of food that tastes good, supports health is waiting for you! Do not settle boring boxed cereals! These should not qualify as food …

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