Why does an American woman get fat? – deal with the root cause of high body fat and unhealthy


The average American woman has about 32% of body fat (and ascending) and is medically considered as obese. The average American woman is 14 years old and has various early medical conditions. We need to face the fact that poor nutrition and lack of exercise causes weight difficulties as well as the medical confrontation we face. But the way we use it to deal with these problems is not extreme. Instead of trying to control our "fat" problem in the right way, we are hopeless, creating programs that will create multiple health risks and become a big disappointment to spend a lot of money, I am finding out.

Has this happened? Women increase body fat through five major pathways and harm their health. "19659004" Factor # 1: Liquid Consumption

Unnecessary empty calories will be added to the American diet if the liquid choices are too much, insufficient water intake will result in dehydration and unhealthy of women. , Hypertrophied, fat. This includes coffee drinks, sugar-filled teas, soda, powdered soft drinks and other sweet drinks, non-fresh juices, poor meal replacement drinks and alcohol.

Factor 2: Calorie Volume and Distribution

o Daily Caloric Intake: A young girl whose average American woman is extremely past or overeating, a woman with very high metabolism, or Excluding medical conditions requiring high calorie), or more than 3000 calories per day, except that it is 1000 calories or less per day.

o Daily nutrient content ratio (protein / carbohydrate / fat): suitable nutrients include moisture, proteins, carbohydrates, nutrients, nutrients, nutrients, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Most diet plans do not establish proper balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat. The fraction of wrong nutrients in women's daily diet can have a significant impact on body fat, health, mood, energy.

o Daily meal number and meal timing: I believe that most women are getting their grace by not eating all day, but at dinner they are hungry and often Women who are in an overeating state and intended to calorie (health and energy) also have a tendency to skip meals all day, blood glucose levels become unstable, they lose fat and can get enough energy during the day Disappears

o Meal size: Partial control is American diet – all super sized except water! The human body can assimilate so much with one seat and the rest will be saved as FAT! Indeed, the calories consumed more than necessary by the body are accumulated in body fat (visible places in our body organs and female buttocks, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms etc).

Third factor: calorie quality and purity

calories are our friends, but the wrong kind of calories are harmful (women absorb fat and become sick). Calories not promoting health, not mental, spiritual, physical well-being include the following:

  • Unhealthy Calories
  • Unhealthy Calories
  • Incomplete Calories
  • Old Calories and Dead Calories
  • Non Kosher Calories

Factor 4: Restricted and Balanced No diet

Women seek solutions to respond quickly to obesity and the poor epidemic, we buy false promises fickle. We subscribe to dangerous pills and special package foods. We suffer unnecessarily. Sometimes we gain more weight than we did when we started, and we usually lose weight by just "rebounding" at the expense of health and wellness. We get confused and even desperate. Factor 5: lack of practice

The lack of exercise is a major factor in women's health problems, and the main reason why women threaten women's health is initially 'fatty'. We are a "remote control" country where most Americans are lacking in physical activity and are distracted and lazy with frequent exercise.

What can women do? inviting confusion, helping the next generation girls and young women. Rather than solving the current situation, we are seeking accurate knowledge and training ourselves rather than seeking prompt products and programs, we can fit healthy once in the right way I will.

How can how can it be done? Are we overweight, attack the root cause? A woman who is feeling better, watches, and wishes to analyze each "five elements" and modify them to create "New American Diet and Exercise Plan" can. …

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