Whether to choose a family dentist or pediatrician for your child


If you have young children, you may wonder if you should take them to your family dentist or find an office to accommodate your children. There are several advantages and disadvantages for each option. You should learn the main reasons to do either before you make a decision.

It may be easy to bring your child to your own practitioner. This is because the office already stores your insurance and payment information in a file, so less documents are needed. Please fill in the new patient form. In addition, I already know all the office policies, such as time, cancellation fee, provided procedures. This can simplify life a bit when you need dental work for your child. In fact, if your office is big enough and you have a dentist, you may be able to take each child to the schedule at the same time you have it.

Meanwhile, your child is a dentist who does not correspond especially to young patients. There is only a magazine for adults in the waiting room, and walls like pediatrics do not have colorful mural paintings. Unless many patients are young, waiting rooms may not have toys. In addition, young patients may not be able to cope well if the staff is used for adults.

For these reasons, you may be considering a pediatric practitioner. The advantage is that the staff are afraid of taking dental treatment or have to become accustomed to treating young children who have the first schedule. The waiting room and the examination room are colorful, there are many toys and books, and young people can relax with enjoyment. In addition, the staff needs to be familiar with the dental problems that tend to affect children, the treatment that most young people need for their teeth.

However, the drawback of choosing a pediatric dentist is to fill in many papers for each child. Some insurance groups have contracts with family dentists in some areas, so insurers covering treatments given by practitioners who only treat young people may have problems. In addition, your child needs to get old and switch clinics. So if you want the same dentist most of their life, this may not work.

Your decision is up to you. Weigh up if you desire. Please review all these options before making a decision. After that, your children prepare for a new practitioner and next dental appointment.

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