When worried about children's anorexia


Before reaching the conclusion that your child is losing appetite it is very important to understand what the term means and what you are worried about and what it is time to act . Many parents compare their children to others and if they find that they do not eat or eat less than others, they conclude they are losing their appetite.

What is loss of appetite?

This word means that you feel hungry and do not feel like wanting to eat. There are various reasons for children to reduce appetite. Often this is occasionally happening, parents should not worry. If you think that your child needs to lose weight or want to make it thinner, please consult your doctor. This is a physical disorder called anorexia and it is necessary to treat with counseling.

Causes of children's desire problems

  1. Slow growth

Growth changes cause children to lose hunger. The growth rate in the first year is rapid, but the growth rate after one year will decline. If appetite declines due to this, it is quite normal.

  1. Stress

Surprisingly, children have to undergo many stress moments, which can have negative consequences including loss of appetite to infants and children. So, if this is the cause, you need to identify the stress and relax it.

  1. Depression

Depression is a major cause of childhood appetite deterioration. The majority of parents do not grasp the depression of children. If you observe the lack of hunger for your child, that is a clear suggestion for that.

  1. Illness

Some diseases reduce the appetite of children. If sudden changes in your child are seen, please make sure you are suffering from sore throat, fever, or something else. Most children regain their meals as soon as discomfort is over.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

There are several drugs that remove appetite from children. If your child is undergoing any treatment or just completed, ask the doctor to prescribe appetite stimulation to restore appetite. If it is a side effect of antibiotics, it will take some time.

  1. Anemia

Anemia is one of the causes behind the lack of child's desire. An anemic child is weak, thinner and irritable. This will deal with this as it may interfere with your child's development and academic performance.

  1. Anorexia nervosa

This is a psychological aversion to eating, for children to become like screen idols. If you feel this is the case for your child, please bring her to a specialist in the eating disorder and treat it.

  1. Constipation

Child irregular bowel movements will cause their appetite to be lost. Check symptoms and treat if you match.

  1. Intestinal worms

Insects enter the digestive system of children and live there. Your child may lose interest in eating. Please complete the test and get medical treatment at an early stage.

Tips for preventing child's anorexia

  • Do not argue with the child at meal time
  • Adjust the meal schedule to serve on an empty stomach
  • Snacks among children's meals
  • Help your child to make a healthy diet
  • Please do not eat if your child is not hungry
  • Interrupt meal Take it regularly
  • urge physical activity

or selected food is common in children. That's why it's not surprising every time. If your child is happy, looks healthy and sleeps well, there is not much to worry about. Spending a little time with your child helps her get over it easily. However, if your appetite is lost for a long time or if you do not want to eat, you need to see a doctor immediately. Watch carefully for your child's diet and if you see any symptoms, please contact your child's doctor. Also, if your child is already underweight or has experienced a long-standing illness, please consult a doctor to obtain a medicine to boost appetite.

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