When what God gives is not enough … or not?


"One of them, when he saw that he had been healed, returned to Jesus shouting:" Praise be to God! "Luke 17:15 (NLT)

Luke 17: 11-19 tells the time Jesus was traveling and entered a village when ten lepers approached him and begged Jesus to have mercy on them. He looked and said: "Go, show yourselves to the priests." Luke 17:14 NLT While they were still on their way, the Bible tells us they were cleansed.

While it is interesting to note that they were healed immediately after their first petition, it is clear that the healing began the moment they met Jesus Finally the ten were healed, however, only one of the men returned to thank Jesus not only came back, but the passage tells us that he shouted his thanks and fell face down at the feet of Jesus.

What happened to the other nine? They were upset because the healing was not Was it instantaneous? They were disappointed that they had to go and show themselves to the Maybe it was not enough to be cleaned. They wanted more! Perhaps they, like many of us, simply forgot that they asked Jesus for help, therefore, he forgot to thank him. How many times have your prayers been answered and you forgot to turn around and thank God?

We do not know for sure, but we do know that Jesus was not thanked for healing the nine. It is difficult to condemn the nine lepers when I think of the many times I forgot to thank God when he answered prayers and the many times I am not satisfied with his provision and I want more!

I pray for healing myself or other people. I beg God to help me, a friend or a member of my family to get out of a situation. I pray for grace or cleanliness. Time passes, and sometimes I forget what I asked. Sometimes, when the answer does not come immediately or as I hope, it is out of my head. Not only do I forget to thank God, often, I wonder for more!

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