When parent has WLS: What will you tell me?


Children are obese at an amazing rate. We know that fatty children will become fat adults We know that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in this county. We know that obese children face a major health risk of impairing the quality of life as adults. We know that obese children are subject to hatred and ridicule by other children. We know that fat children escape their peers. And we know that parents are responsible for ensuring that children do not become obese over the lifetime of illness, heartache, and suffering.

One of the most painful things about obesity is that we get it from our parents and tell it to our children. I know Diane, a woman who could not celebrate the success of her obesity because she had a teens daughter who returned to school every day to hug and cry her enlarged pillow – her Classmates were called her "Fat Cathy". Kathy is fat or because her parents like to call her "stout". Diane asked, "How can the world celebrate my weight loss when my daughter suffers?" I am a mother. 19659002] Imagine that the mother is feeling guilty and that her daughter is angry and has a mother's weight loss, as if the "normal" teen parent relationship is not enough. She was angry. She said, "How do you feel about me? She's wearing the cute clothes that my friend is wearing, and I need to order a fat woman's clothes from the catalog. "She cried.

Cathy 's parents strongly oppose a 16 – year – old woman who has undergone obese surgery despite pleadingly pleading for surgery.

They cook healthy meals together and is monitoring the size of the part. They are learning to read nutrition labels. There is no restriction of late-night pizza delivery and "super size" Diner and Cathy recognized that they are emotional foods, but now they raise them with high calorie, high fat out-of-control Instead, Daiei does not want that obesity surgery is the last and only hope of Kathy. I do not want her to suffer like that year she has to undergo surgery "

C athy unwillingly caused lifestyle changes with her parents Three months after improved eating habits and exercise, she is decreasing by 10 pounds.Her BMI was 39 years old and she underwent surgery at the age of 41. Dad also joined the fight against fat, I lost almost 20 pounds, "I am proud of her," Diane said. "I talk to her everyday, I think we are getting closer.

I know that children are copycats, they can do what parents do Sex is high, not as the parents say, so Kathy's parents do the right thing for her by adopting a new family lifestyle that absolutely improves the quality of life for all people It is not impossible to break a habit of bad diet is impossible and it is not impossible to incorporate exercise into our daily life Diane's surgery is to make this family scrutinize many years devastating customs

Kathy's parents realized that through their own health crisis, eating is one of the most fundamental health-related behaviors that can be controlled They are working together to improve the quality of life for the whole family.

For emotional issues Diane's guilt and Kathy's jealousy. They are best at solving their problems But Diane admits that it may be stressful from time to time and that family counseling may be going well.'And we do not solve these problems, I do not want to become a mother and daughter without talking to each other.

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