What will not you do to children after school


When your child hits the door, what they want first is to eat something. After a long day of school, their hearts and bodies are thirsting for energy. However, giving to children after school can make a big difference in how they are healthy and energetic.

Many parents eat kids' foods such as cookies and processed foods. These provide quick energy, but they are not the best choice for your child. Instead of high-calorie, high-fat wood, you need to focus on food that provides good nutrition for your child.

vegetables. If you cut vegetables and make them available at all times, you can make your child eat easily after school. Please cut carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, celery and store in a refrigerator. If your child does not like to eat vegetables without dressing, you can prepare vegetable soaks.

You can not go wrong by offering you fruit of children instead of snacks. They have natural sweetness and many vitamins. It is perfect that they prepare your children and wait when they come back home at school for a long day.

The best option for giving your children a snack is a natural food such as nuts, dried or dehydrated fruits, cheese, or popcorn. And always provide milk instead of soda or imitation fruit juice.

A general rule of thumb for snacks after school is to choose something that is not processed naturally. Please do not add sugar and fat. It is also possible to limit preservatives and coloring-rich foods.

Soaking fruits and vegetables in peanut butter is a wonderful way to help children enjoy the taste without adding healthy calories.

Unfortunately, many snacks sold for children are not the best for them. As a parent, you must be diligent to confirm that your child is eating good food for them.

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