What to eat when: a strategic food plan


The power of food
When Dr. Roizen embarked on his medical career, he learned about the medicinal power of food and the secrets of proper cooking techniques. When he was dean of the State University of New York School of Medicine at Upstate Medical University, he developed a curriculum that taught students to cook healthy meals. By developing recipes for his RealAge system (a system that calculates his true biological age compared to his calendar age according to lifestyle and other factors), Dr. Roizen actually found food. "I learned that eating well is more than just ingredients," he says. He started working with Dr. Michael Crupain. "I quickly realized that our approaches were based on science." Now they have developed a plan that combines what you eat with the moment. "The goal is to synchronize your body like a world-class orchestra so that your life can play all the notes!" Says Dr. Roizen.

The human body has an internal rhythm that allows it to function optimally to survive. Over the years, the collective diet industry has spent a lot of time addressing the "what" part of eating. As a result, the main scientific advances have shown that, with regard to nutrition: Time is everything. "The research is so new that it literally changed the way we eat and we thought we knew all about the food!" Says Dr. Roizen. "It turns out that when you eat is as essential as what you eat to maintain a good weight, prevent and cure some diseases and live a long, energetic and happy life." Our metabolism changes throughout the day according to our internal clocks. Known as our circadian rhythm. "The purpose of our Cirxadian rhythm is to help our body run more efficiently so that it is configured to do the right thing at the right time. Everything in our body is on a schedule and that schedule is set by the sun, "says Dr. Roizen.

Dr. Roizen says that our bodies also change …

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