What Is Nutrition? Eating for Good Health


If patients go to more than four doctors, nutrition is probably a medical answer. "- Abraham Hoffer, MD, Ph.D.

Make your nutrition plan goal optimal , Automatically obey.

I strongly believe the statement above. Clothes that clothes make men do not apply half as much to the clothes as healthy eating habits. Literally, the food you eat will be you. Several scientists have also reached research after the conclusion that some of the food you eat may be contributing to the individual's positive behavior.

This is a question I frequently ask. People wanted to know what to eat to reduce their weight. But managing your weight is not as simple as switching items on the menu. There are several factors to consider.

However, as long as you lose weight and maintain your health, please be relieved. Nutrition is not a very difficult task. It is to choose a proper amount of food with the proper quantity and quality to make a balanced diet (slightly slightly different).

The definition of nutrition in Wikipedia is given as follows. :

Nutrition (also called nutrition or nutrition) is the supply of the necessary (in food form) material to cells and organisms to support life.

Nutrition tries to understand how the body decomposes (catabolizes) food and repairs and produces cells and tissues (anabolysis) – the process of catabolism and assimilation as metabolism. Nutrition studies how the body responds to food.

At Brigham Young University, "Nutrition science examines the metabolism and physiological response of the body to food and diet, including the role of nutrients" In the majority of our minds, it is simpler Question – What do I have to eat to lose weight?

If there is an answer, everyone is free of fat without waste. Will they not? Reducing body weight and body fat is not just to make a list of diet foods and simply eat them.

However, if you understand the basics of creating healthy diet plans, maintaining a fat free meal is not that complicated or complicated.

So let's look at these basics:

· Why do you need proper nutrition? It is a simple answer. Energy, organization restoration, maintaining our overall health?

· Where did you come from? What food we eat? I can not make it more clear

· Are you eating food that may adversely affect your health? – It is possible that most people are doing this

1. Food for energy

Most of us eat food to satisfy our palate first, a ceremony of timely eating practices and conditioning for years, and finally With means to bring a sense of unity with people who eat.

The main purpose of your food is to supply energy and read calories without adversely affecting the body. . Food you consume should mainly provide energy to do daily work. However, it is well known that most foods we make today are capable of fat deposits and cholesterol spiking. Fast food such as hamburgers, pizza, soft drinks brings the main spike of sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol content. But most of us choose the whole food like fast food salad to make fast food easier to use.

If you eat food like white rice, white bread, burger, will you be hungry within 1 hour after eating it?

Please try it now. Save mayonnaise and get a salad and salad milk bowl.

In order to secure the optimum food for energy supplementation, please take food containing many complicated carbohydrates as follows:

  • Sweet potato
  • Yum
  • brown rice
  • chicken pea
  • lentils
  • apple
  • pear

The most important point in choosing complex carbohydrates is that fat is already contained in the lost dietary fiber. Do not forget to cook complicated carbohydrates, if possible, without excessive decomposition in actual form. This keeps nutrients as close as possible to their natural state. Example: Choose sweet potato instead of mashed potato. The more you mash, it is easily digested and breaks its purpose. Please pay attention to how much you eat. Food quality is as important as food quantity. The first key for a successful fat loss is the calorie control diet.

2. Food for restoring the organization

People pass the remarks because there is nothing to eat at the cafeteria in the workplace. I agree with what they say, but my reasons are quite different. They say this because they have the same food or the taste is bad. I say this because I know that food is not enough nutrients to rebuild my body.

If there is no protein in your diet, the result is a poor constitution. Another adverse effect of this situation is that the body begins to clean up tissues to provide the need to occur at other parts of the body.

Again, when choosing food for proteins, we skip fast food and will not say that eggs and chicken are included. Also contains mayonnaise and processed cheese, the total calories consumed by the whole hamburger skyrocket. When selecting protein,

  • Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, egg, chicken, duck, egg
  • Meat –

Animal protein has better amino acid profile than vegetarian protein. But that does not mean that if you are a vegetarian you can not have a complete protein profile during meals. The trick is to mix several protein sources that supplement each other's protein profile. Although animal protein may be the best protein source, it is conceivable that the strongest animals on land and at sea are herbivores.

3. The bad influence of eating habits

If you have reviewed your diet long and straightened yourself, there should be more frequent than that. :

Vegetarian food eating too much – cooked with a lot of oil or crushed to the extent that the basic texture is lost

White rice – I have not eaten by anyone else

Fast food And fried cheese – appears more frequently than a meal.

Trans fat products packaged so that simple and processed carbohydrates and chocolate, ice cream, food and sugar-rich drinks and soda can be taken immediately

The only thing is obesity . The choices of foods we make are easy to obtain and easy to prepare. Not only that, it is a collection of hollow calories and other contents, which may become a health problem when consumed regularly, but it is not limited to these.

  • arterial clogging causing heart trouble
  • obesity
  • Lethargy
  • causes of joint problems
  • In the worst case constipation or bowel related problems. This causes another health problem

There is the best way for a healthy food group when developing your diet plan.

When launching a lifelong health and wellness trip, foods such as untreated cereals and cereals, lentils, pasture breeding meat, and fresh fish in fish farms are ideal choices. Proper nutrition helps to win half of battle. Movement and proper rest form the other half.

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