What is good fat to eat for big health?


In order to maintain good health, you probably know that some fat is needed during meals. After all, your body absorbs vitamins, gives energy, and helps to produce hormones. But too many wrong kind of fat will make you.

So what is good fat to eat?

The type of good fat you need is omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish. These fats are also known as EPA and DHA and believe everything from lowering blood pressure to increasing your spirit.

They are essential to your well-being. why? Because your body can not make these nutrients yourself, you need them to keep you healthy.

In the study of people living in areas that eat a lot of fish in Japan, Scandinavia, Alaska, the incidence of heart disease and depression is low. Scientists at the world famous Mayo Clinic recommend eating fish at least twice a week to protect your mind.

Why Omega 3?

These are good fat to eat because the doctor believes it will reduce inflammation in your body. Reducing the inflation rate effectively reduces the risk of virtually any disease.

The heart of infection is cell damage. It is not all that is not bad. If you hurt your knees, the pain you feel is that the body heals by killing the cells around the scratch. This will protect you from infection. The problem is not to know when your body should stop killing the cells, keep on killing healthy cells.

In your body, your arms may cause inflammation. This raises the risk that plaque accumulates in your vein, causing obstruction, leading to fatal heart attacks and strokes.

We will protect our health by eating good fat like Omega 3. The journal of the American Medical Association contains 85,000 women registered for nurses and nurses. In the health survey, those who eat fish 2-4 times a week reduced the risk of heart disease by 30%.

Which fish?

The type of fish you eat and how to prepare is important. Fried fish does not help your mental health and even raise your inflation rate. Baked or baked fish is the most healthy choice.

All kinds of fish types – salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel are good. Of course, if you do not like fish, or this is difficult to eat fish, fish oil supplements are a good way to get the fat you need.

The American Heart Association advises people who consume these supplements unless they regularly eat fish.

So the answer to the question "What is good fat to eat?" Is the omega-3 fatty acid contained in the fish. Learn about good fat and fish oil on my website.

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