What is Eating Disorder Recovery?


Recovery is a noun that represents a process to continue. To start disaster recovery, it is time to start a journey. Taking that journey is to be on your way to health, emotion and intellectual development.

Your path leads to your inner self, courage, creativity, self-respect, strength, and internal resources of dedication and devotion.

Bulimia or anorexia or recovery from overeating or compulsive diet is not just the development of peace and healthy eating habits with food. Recovery is not just a matter of evolving and forcing to live with a realistic sense of your body.

A well-balanced life is necessary for recovery. It means feeling everything you can feel, digesting your own feelings, informing you of your whole personality, enriching. They will not spill over for others to take care of. They do not make the pain you need to relieve the pain and dramatic drama, operation and dissociation necessary for you to do food and medicine, sex and shopping.

Reconstruction is about the truth in the real world. That is to be able to live, accept, adapt, work, love, play freely. It means to be responsible for yourself and your actions. It means respecting and respecting the boundary, and can truly take care of himself while respecting the relationship with others.

Recovery means more calm, joy and smile in your life. That means you can eat and enjoy freedom.

The task of eating disorder recovery involves every dimension of your life, and that is a good thing. When you generally abandon actions related to problematic foods (such as overeating, too little, too few, purging, exercise to alleviate violence, use of laxatives etc), you are strong Sometimes I feel a subjective physical and emotional feeling and emotion. You want to stop them, your eating disorders behavior is no longer an option.

Your work and your challenge will be as follows.

This is a wonderful leadership question leading to your new better life. Where this question leads, it accounts for the majority of the work of recovery of true eating disorders.

The question not only leads you along your way, but also makes your way. For example, instead of eating strongly to paralyze emotions, you can paint or paint
to express it. As you may participate in political movements to express them and participate in academic programs, you are prepared to deal with problems under your mind:

I want to be more capable in the world, I want to do another job, I want to advance into my career, I do not want to be an assistant. Or I want my own house. I want a loving relationship between loved ones and respecters, and those who love and respect me. Or, I would like to learn French and live in Paris. Or, I would like to make a safe and nutritious place for my child.

I can live with eating disorders, starving, eating disorders. Or you can forgive your frustration, give it a name, and wear it to rise above it. Its recovery work.

Recovery is an endless journey that will keep life going better as you go.

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