WHAT I LIKE ON A DAY # 2 | Healthy and easy meals


You asked for it so here it is! My second video of & # 39; What I eat in a day & # 39; I wanted to show you more of my favorite foods and recipes that I love to eat and that are healthy after all. This is usually the kind of food I eat on a very "healthy" day. Even though I am not currently losing weight, and I just maintain, I continue to eat the same foods as when I was because losing weight is a lifestyle change 🙂

I forgot to add this in the video; please, just use this as inspiration (as well as in the videos of & # 39; What I Come & # 39; from other YouTube users). It is very likely to be different in height / metabolism / body fat, so eating in this way may not work. You … and besides, this is just one day of my life, sometimes as more than what I like or much more unhealthy, haha.

Let me know below if you want to see more of these!

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