WHAT I LIKE IN A WEEK | vegan healthy food plan


a new kind of post meal plan – this time in the form of a "what I eat in a week" video!
otherwise, it is equal to my usual publications in the meal plan: vegan, healthy, cheap and time-saving. not to mention delicious, of course ^. ^

Then I know it's Thursday and it might be a strange moment to upload a video of the weekly meal plan, but we filmed it on Monday. It only takes time to edit it, you know.

You can find all the recipes here:

like my ingredient 3 healthy vegan chocolate mousse
or the energy bowl of the Caesar kale
my simplified vegan bibimbap
and those delicious sushi burritos to name a few – yum!

ok i need to run i have a flatlay in the middle of the morning to attend.

love // ​​jenny


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