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This video is about what I eat in a day! This video is about some food options I like to lose weight and maintain my weight loss! Here is an example of what I eat in a day. This video is meant to inspire you to make healthy food choices to help maintain or lose weight!

I lost 50lbs! And many of you asked me to publish what I ate in a day to lose weight. – PSA: Feel free to incorporate these meal / food options to better suit your lifestyle and weight loss goals. These are simply ideas and examples from my own experience.

You can extract multiple ideas from all these videos to fit your meal planning and body goals to win, lose or maintain 🙂
These are fast and easy food / meal options that I ate while actively losing weight. These videos are not intended to be a strict diet to follow according to what I show. They are designed to give you ideas on how to change healthy "bored" generic foods.
Obviously, these can be added or modified to better suit you 🙂
depending on your weight loss / weight gain / maintenance needs, as well as medical needs, allergies or just preference for taste, etc.

You can see my complete history of weight loss to get more details about before, during and current / my progress:


This complete container of bark is meant to be eaten in multiple sessions. Use the normal serving size recommendation and measure to get a better idea of ​​how much you should eat per slice of bark.
– I used: 0% Greek faya yogurt, mixed berries, low-fat and low-carb granola, honey
– honey:
– Greek yogurt:
– Big wave:
– Frozen or mixed berries:

– All in the company of low-carb breads:
– Loaf of love low in plain of carbohydrates:
Cow smiling
– avocado, tomato, pepper, bread of choice, tzatziki, Swiss cheese, egg white, spinach,

– garlic butter sauce:
-Homestyle Cauliflower Puree:
– Riced cauliflower:
– Cauliflower, sauce, pepper, garlic, chives, chicken breasts, frozen or fresh vegetables


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