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There is intense war on our body everyday. One is an environmental toxin that we breathe, eat and drink, the other is the defense mechanism of our body fighting to keep us healthy. This is not new. In our environment "natural toxins" are. Diseases cause bacteria, radon gas and other naturally occurring pollutants, our food, water, and something like the air we breathe. This is not an amazing reason. It has been going on for thousands of years.

However, there is great evidence that the environmental toxins have increased dramatically in the past century and the threat is increasing. Our body defense system does not adapt at the same speed. It is also a problem that the food we eat has a declining quality of nutrition.

Report of casualties

Considering things like atherosclerosis (atherosclerosis) and adult-onset diabetes (type atherosclerosis), we and our children are in our body It places a big risk on it. Type II diabetes), we usually do not think of these as pediatric diseases. However, children are diagnosed with chronic illness. Some claim that this is simply due to improvement of early diagnosis technology.

In a large-scale nationwide survey called PDAY research (the default for atherosclerosis in adolescence), it has been shown that it is actually between 1/5 to 1/5 of the height of today Children of the school age already have an early stage of atherosclerosis and the majority of adolescents have fatty streaks in the arteries. They may not feel them yet, but they are approaching the future. Another study predicts that one out of three children born after 2000 will develop diabetes due to the current nutritional trends in the United States. This is an amazing trend for parents who do not want to see the child get sick. There is a tendency to watch for countries that can not respond to public health promotion. There is something we can do to change this.

These trends need to be reversed. Children are not immunized with chronic diseases caused by the choice of poor lifestyle habits. I always hear "They are just kids, they can handle it". This is absolutely a mistake. The poor nutritional deficiency of our children enables slow accumulation to accumulate in veins and organs until it is time to diagnose the disease.

Chronic diseases that catch up with them during adulthood are not the only problems. There are also many direct threats. Insufficient nutrition is associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), asthma, eczema and behavioral disorders. This is not to say that poor nutrition is the sole cause of all these obstacles, but it certainly can contribute. In many cases, improved diet and quality dietary supplements can improve or at least ameliorate several pediatric disorders, and prevent adulthood chronic illness.

Oxidative stress that threatens the future of children

One of the major ongoing fights is damages by oxidative stress at a minimum. Many experts believe that damage due to oxidative stress is the basis of several chronic degenerative diseases. There are other factors in jobs like genetics, but oxidative stress seems to play an important role.

What is oxidative stress? It is a really simple concept. Oxygen is a double-edged sword. We absolutely need it to survive, but in the end it will kill us. Without it, we can not produce high energy demand of physiology. But, it is very useful the very reactive nature of oxygen, it is also very dangerous.

We use oxygen in the reaction to convert the food we eat into a useful energy molecule called ATP. use. However, the process of using oxygen to make ATP actually releases very harmful molecules called free radicals. These small suckers can actually split your cells and create havoc that will damage all sorts of things, including your DNA. This process is called "oxidative stress" and if left unconfirmed it can lead to all kinds of diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease.

Damage by oxidative stress, cause disease It depends on where the greatest damage that really determines the type of disease occurs. For example, oxidative damage of the eye can lead to macular degeneration. In the joints of arthritis; arterial atherosclerosis. That is where genetics enters. If you are genetically the weakest place, oxidative stress is more likely to get a foothold. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of these various diseases, the underlying cause may be similar – excessive oxidative stress

antioxidant to your child's rescue

Fortunately Even our body has a way to deal with oxidative stress. We have genes that have a specific task of "capturing" these free radicals and minimizing damage before making too much confusion.

Many vitamins and plant-derived nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin E act as "antioxidants" and help the natural antioxidant system maintain free radicals in our bodies. Control. This accumulates over time until damage due to oxidative stress causes a major health problem, so it is very important to fully incorporate these nutrients into the body. The system of the body itself is not enough.

It is all about risks. We must protect them in order to optimize defense with diet and supplement antioxidant molecules. Every time you allow your child to eat poorly, you give a little damage and encourage your child to eat well, add a little protection and get the damage back or back. If you tilt the scales continuously for damage, your child will be more likely to have health problems.

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