What do rats eat?


Rats eat a wide variety of foods. They have a greedy appetite and they almost eat something. They are real weed-free trapping agents, but most prefer cereals, livestock feeds and meat. Rats are also known to eat soap, leather, fur, candy, milk, meat, vegetables, poultry, eggs, cereals, seeds, fruits, nuts, snails and other rodents. Rats can eat one-third of their weight every day. The main consumption of rat is water, and it can not survive long without it. Rats require 1/2 to 1 ounce of water daily.

Two major types of brown rats and black rats eat almost the same thing. However, there are slight differences in the preferences of both. Brown rats and Norwegian rats eat almost all types of food, but prefer high quality food such as meat and fresh grain. These rats require 1 / 2-1 ounce of water daily when eating dried food. Rats have sharp taste, hearing sense, olfaction.

Roofed rats and black rats generally prefer vegetables, fruits, and cereals, consuming 1-2 ounces of food per day from various sources. They will not immediately accept meat and fish. They like cereals, shredded apple, sweet potato, melon, prune, pineapple, cookie, donut, sweet chocolate candy, peanut butter, tomato.

Rats are nutritionally a little better than mice. Unlike a mouse that nibbles a bit at a time, rats eat more food at the same time. Like a mouse, rats can live in a freezer and love to eat frozen food.

Rats have a habit of eating when they eat. Their chewing ability helps they bit chewing something. They sorry for the softer things than their teeth. They chewed paper, clothes, wood, plastic, water pipes, electric cables, and other building materials. The paralysis habit greatly affects humanity such as fire, power shortage, floods

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