What causes the eye to wake up after eating?


Hot flash is the worst.

They can come whenever you are not expecting it. For some women they are very bad and they tend to avoid going out together.

But for others it is brought about by eating. And not only specific foods.

Diet turns into a new form of torture

These women need to fall into an almost starving diet. Food service is definitely out of social setting. However, even at home meals, it is going to be horror on a daily basis.

(And if you try to drop a few pounds, hunger is not a way.)

So how do you come back to eat without hot flash torture and after eating glaring Why does it cause?

Her internal thermostat is confused as the woman's estrogen level declines during the menopause Some foods such as spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, etc. dilate blood vessels, It stimulates nerve endings that cause hot flash.Sometimes dramatic blood glucose levels rise rapidly after sweet confectionery.

Not everyone responds equally to all foods, but some kind of Food is more likely to cause glare than other foods.

· Alcohol

· Caffeine (especially coffee)

· Over Sugar

· refined carbohydrate

· spicy food [19659002] · meat (especially red meat)

· dairy product

relaxing the flash is not as hard as you think. It is really a matter to eat proper take supplements to balance your hormones.

In addition to avoiding the above foods, it is desirable to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains Phytoestrogens contained in fermented soybeans are also very suitable for alleviating glare like flaxseed.

Estrogen levels begin to decline around menopause.Ideal In the world, the decline is moderate and the symptoms are manageable.Of course, some kind of blinking may occur due to reduced estrogen levels It is not something you can not handle.

Unfortunately, it is not much for many of us. There are many symptoms that we experience in the peri-menopause and it can be quite serious

Why does this apply to you?

There really is a combination of factors, women today are exposed to more toxins and stress than ever before.These toxins, or the heterologous hormones As well as stress adversely affect our hormones.

It is good news that you can alter your diet, reduce hormone toxicity, and manage stress to reduce menopausal menopause syndrome. Certain supplements also have a positive effect and will help alleviate your worst hot flashes.

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