We're Wired to Maintain a Healthy Weight


Suppose you have a "fat meter" and you "stop" a loud sound. If you consume enough fat, send a message to your brain. Suddenly you do not want pizza, ice cream, or potato chips. Even if you look at these favorite foods and smell an attractive smell, you will not even be tempted. Or if you decide to eat anyway, your metabolism will rotate to burn extra calories.

A good fantasy, huh? Well, it is not taken so far. Believe it or not, you have that built-in mechanism. Despite feeling overweight or hardship to maintain weight, why do you feel like eating always what you are asking? Why do you gain weight when you are not binding yourself?

Well, your meter may be broken. Or it may not be big enough to trigger a response from your brain. That's too bad. This mechanism is so powerful that people do not have to fight the temptation to eat on an empty stuff what they work on. The rest will come naturally to them with healthy weights; it is not something they have to do to take meals and work for a long time at the gym.

Unfortunately, for so many people, this powerful weight adjustment system got crazy. Food is seducting us for a long time since calorie needs have been satisfied. Extra calories are packed in extra pounds. Our body does not know how to adjust "setting point" which is an ideal level for us biologically any more.

But do not worry. I will provide information to help you learn how to reset this powerful mechanism so that your body can naturally achieve a healthy weight. The hunger / satiety / appetite level makes it possible to regulate what you eat and when you eat with a very efficient mechanism, you can eat normally without considering calories. The meal will be simple and fun.

Set value: Your ideal weight
When working properly, this weight adjustment mechanism is as accurate as the most sophisticated scientific instruments. Do not believe me? Think about a 50 year old woman who is 5 pounds heavier than she is at the age of 20. When she eats about 2,000 calories a day, it takes about 22 million calories in 30 years. Since 5 pounds of body fat stores about 17,500 calories, it means that her body was only 0.08% to balance the energy within the energy. This will be about 50 calorie difference per month – less than 1 egg calorie!

In other words, her energy balance was regulated with an accuracy of over 99.9%! How long can you say in life? Certainly there is no way you can be accurate by trying to demonstrate your own will about what you eat and how much you are exercising.

Over the decades until recently, the stability of the weight of adults has been a standard for a long time and it was an easy process. According to one 1970's research study, the average weight of a 60 – year – old man was only 4 to 5 pounds than the average 30 – year – old man. Maintaining such weight is not a coincidence.

Why are you fighting? Count calories and try to control your food through a diet. Instead, your body regulates for you. I promise that you will get much better results.

Your weight is the healthy weight your body is aiming for. Think of it as a favorable temperature for a fat thermostat. As with any thermostat, this can be installed in the most comfortable place. The system is doing a persistent effort to do something to fit your body to that point. It works like a biological force. The more you are away from the center, the stronger the retracting power is for you to return to a comfortable range.

However, this system works if you allow it. If you leave it "boring" to the thermostat via a diet, its mechanism will be destroyed. This jiggling is like a power struggle to deprive control from your body's inherent weight adjustment mechanism and ultimately your body will have difficulty maintaining control. RESULT: Your body not only regains the weight you lost but even paying penalty with extra weight gain sets a higher goal to protect against future meals.

Rather than doing this heavy battle on your body continuously, you can declare a ceasefire and put your strength to achieve a healthy and natural weight. You lose interest in eating at full. And your own body itself will compensate for their occasional party overload without yourself denying.

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