Weight Loss Menu – Food Asian women abruptly reduce weight by dropping food!


The food you choose for your weight loss menu has a direct and dramatic effect on your ability to lose weight. Since so many people pick the wrong groceries often after getting the wrong information, it leads to a cycle of "fear" of losing weight to return quickly later.

For centuries, Asian women have identified important food items that will lose weight by making weight lose just after having a baby! And today we will look at pick options that can be used to quickly shrink the waist without becoming hungry.

Weight Loss Menu Weight Loss Menu

The optimal food list for the weight loss menu, when it tries to decide what to order in the restaurant or when it comes to the market, You can help to become selective and even help them to learn how to enjoy good food for them.

Also, although Asian women do not learn how to get rid of stubborn fat of the abdomen and thighs in a single short weight loss menu, you are

Catherine Cheng's " Master weight loss menu "list

First one guideline: As much as possible, even if it is a slightly more expensive item than the standard, it is an item of" organic ".

I know that it is troublesome, but I am extremely worried about research from major universities that show damage caused by pesticides and genetic manipulation among children who accidentally consume.

Stick to organic matter if possible, otherwise most of the pollutants are in the skin and vegetables of fruits and vegetables, so when you take them to the shop, wash everything clean.

1. Correct base item – I call lean protein "base item". This means that you want to be the center of meals. It's the biggest part on the plate, let's do that. A large source of lean protein is chicken without skin, eggs, fish, beef, pork, soybeans, tofu. Protein is a # 1 weapon in the weight loss menu, more important than vegetables, so please give top priority.

2. Proper vegetables – Prepare, sliced ​​/ shredded carrots, mix green, beet, broccoli, lettuce in hand for prematurely satisfying high speed salad. Also, if you have problems preparing fresh things, you can try both frozen and / or canned vegetables. Rinse them as you tend to add salt for taste.

3. Appropriate fruit – They meet your craving for sweets and are sick of diseased nutrients. It is the best, but the calorie is also low! Berries (especially cranberries and blueberries rich in antioxidants), stick to oranges, apples, bananas, and jujubes. Grapefruit is also a nice choice for breakfast, please try to get used to the taste.

4. Proper seasoning – You can really add bad calories from choosing the wrong ketchup and mustard for your meal. Please look at the label of something in the bottle and avoid those with a lot of sugar. If you are looking for a taste, you should use something like honey, ginger, garlic, wasabi or balsamic add-on. Each is a staple of the Asian weight loss menu, otherwise it is wondering to add something fun to a sparse meal.

5. As with the proper cooking fluid – # 4, a little wine can go a long way to adding extra taste to the meal you cook. Even things like casseroles and soups can benefit. In addition, you can gain the advantage of resveratrol contained in the grape contained in the wine. This leads to longevity and helps weight loss.

Sticking to this list of five groups of weight loss menu items (I love to fry for my family) Asian women make up most of the food, dropping pounds much earlier than expected I can. Please add year to the lifetime of you and your family.

If You Can not Lose Weight Just

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