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Although we may think that early weight gain is hereditary, it is not a cause factor. Genes influence the chemical processes related to weight of children, but can not explain the rapid rise of childhood obesity or the rise of teenage obesity. The real problem is parents … And there are many junk foods being promoted for children in all supermarkets, but that is the choice of parents of what goes into their refrigerator. It also includes the habit of malnourished parents turning around children. I am not saying that parents are the cause of obesity in early childhood, but parents do not do anything to overcome the cause.

All parents are responsible for the children, remembering, children become children and behave like children. Be aware that parents are doing urgent work to confirm that children are in the right diet and correct exercise. Without proper supervision of parents, children and teens will eat what they want and they will be what they eat!

– cause of childhood obesity

– lack of exercise
– poor diet
– technology poisoning
– lack of sleep
– excessive
– frequent abuse
– Child abuse (Physical punishment is not a way to teach children, this changes the diet dramatically)
– Psychological Troubles
] – events and changes in stressful life (Divorce, divorce, immigration, death, abuse)
– a quiet lifestyle (lazy, sitting for long periods of tension in one place, being accustomed to resting)
depression or anxiety

Read the results of childhood obesity
Let's look at some major risks of childhood obesity.
– sleep apnea
– heart and respiratory problems
– risk of arthritis
– gallbladder problem
– spinal cord injury
– Several cancers (especially colon cancer)
– Premature ejaculation (Yes, this one has occurred frequently in children with obesity, the number of deceased are increasing respectively age)

This Even a child is only a small part of the major problem that has developed from early weight gain. Many children and adolescents are already suffering from some of these diseases due to childhood obesity. However, the increase in obesity in early childhood is rarely observed even among young children aged 3 years old. Researchers also discovered that middle-aged departments are children up to 12 years of age. As a result, your children will not be misled by the child's safety for young age.

What to do

Parents look at your children and teenage behavior and customs. Watch TV and play video games for hours and hours for hours Do not coach potatoes. Do not give them food as a reward, please limit the consumption of soda, high-fat or sugar-rich food. Please do not take me to the fast food store. If your child does not have plenty of fruits and vegetables in the food, please eat slowly. Cook with vegetables and serve fruits as snacks. If your child feels stressed for some reason or seems to be low self-esteem, parents as parents are one of the main factors of early weight gain, so resolve the problem and get your child as soon as possible We need to help as soon as possible. Have a playground in the park as often as possible, and play the premises and gym. Please encourage your children and teenagers to practice sports and play with friends. Buying and adopting dogs for them encourages more walks, not couch potatoes. All these are simple things parents can do to keep children and teenagers healthy and avoid over-weight pandemics.

How to do
If you really want to prevent, manage, or reverse your child's weight problem, you need to keep children's habits by working slowly with them together. First, we create a list of three categories that we need to change. Your first category should basically be "what needs to be abolished" which means that what my child does is neutralize his weight and health. Think about the food they eat. Which foods are weaning my child's weight? Write all soft drinks, snacks, fried foods and greasy foods, fast food, junk foods, sugar-rich foods and give each item a concrete name. Also, sit up in a video game, TV, computer for a long time and name all bad habits that may contribute to weight gain.

I now know that children and teenagers are tied to a particular thing. When you remove them, they will feel uncomfortable and bitter. So the second category in the list will be "tolerance" What you know is precious in their life, but at the same time it also contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle. By doing this by looking at the first list you made and rewriting what you can not remove it, when rewriting with the "permissible limit" in the second list, watch TV or play a video game Or you can turn your child or teens into coach potatoes. Now I have two lists. The first one is everything that must be completely removed from your child's lifestyle and the second one you know that you can not completely remove it, but

your third And the final list will be "to add" to your childhood and teens' lifestyle, such as more fruits and vegetables, exercise, housework, going out to walk, cultivating higher quality families, etc. It will be time etc. Do not write what you can not afford. Simply write something that your child can begin implementing and create a better lifestyle for them. Now begin to create your list.

If you organize your list, you should not try to force something to your child, but at the same time do not allow them to sit down and become free. You must first talk to your child and teens and teach bad lifestyle difficulties that contribute to childhood obesity. Please tell me about the new change and why these changes will occur. Please do not give them options as to whether they want to change their lifestyle. But you have to implement it. I can work with you.

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