Weight loss – Can you gain weight and eat healthy food?


You often feel that you are as healthy as you can, but are you still growing your weight? Are not you seemed to help you reach the weight you wanted, are you exhausted of your meals, are you frustrated? â € œIf you can understand it, it complains you.

[1] [1] [2] [3] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [10] Health foods still contain calories. First of all, please be aware that health foods still contain calories. Therefore, it is possible to increase your weight. Eating too many health foods has the problem of ingesting more energy than burning out in a day, which causes your weight to increase.

To lose weight, one thing: burn more calories than you consume. It has nothing to do with healthy eating. It is common for you to lose weight if you eat healthy, but because it tends to be more satisfying, this is not necessarily the case.

2. Do not exclude high calorie health foods. Next, please be careful not to exclude calorie high density food from the diet plan. Certainly, it is necessary to restrict high calorie high density such as nut, oil, avocado. We will reduce the amount of these items to eat, but they contain rich in appropriate nutrients, so include them.

3. Using Volumetrics is important. Finally, if you want to lose weight while eating healthy without calorie calculation, volume measurement is also important. Volumetric measurement has been proposed as an innovative way to suppress appetite.

This is the amount of food you eat mainly eat less calorie food. For example, take popcorn. You can load 5 cups of popcorn popcorn for about 100 calories and eat. However, if you eat the same amount of potato chips, it will easily be 750 calories. Also remember foods such as fruits and soups. It has a lot of moisture and is low density. This means less calories per pound.

If you concentrate on this while trying to lose weight, your journey will be more pleasant and satisfying

so keep these in mind. You should definitely eat health, but there are more to reduce your weight as well.

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