Want to Stay Healthy While Pregnant – Eat Like a Cave Man!


Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, the best way to eat is like our ancestors. I always tell my mother "to eat like a cave man." Men and women in the cave ate fresh ones, newly picked plants, fruits just after the root of the tree, whole grains, fresh meat not shot by hormones and antibiotics!

In addition, caves men, hunters and collectors,. When they ate the protein, they ate meat enough to fit in the palm of their hands. Nuts and seeds could only be eaten a few at a time in the same way. They ate the whole and untreated cereal. The cave men did not bake bread! The whole grain contains fibers that are beneficial to body growth and health, B vitamins, carbohydrate nutrients, minerals.

Treatment of cereals removes nutrients and instead becomes starchy than nutritional value. Starch, when eaten in the form of white bread or rice turns into glucose in the body, it stimulates the insulin response and becomes fat! We try to prevent this from happening. To avoid this reaction, you should eat a low-glycemic diet (www.glycemicindex.com) that eats foods that do not cause insulin response in the body.

Eating fresh food and eating unchanged food will keep you more fit, especially during pregnancy. To maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle during pregnancy, mothers should consider what caverners eat

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