Want to Be Healthy – Find Out What Not To Eat


The essential point of eating a really healthy diet is that you have to start with a simple premium of eating real food. What I mean for real food is food that is not confused until it is no longer healthy food.

When you or I enter a regular daily supermarket like Safeway or Walmart or most primary supermarket, it is not a food that supports our health, that a huge amount of food is on sale I understand. We are talking about a highly sophisticated mass-produced food that Mother Nature has changed so much from what was meant to be a purely food-like substance.

These foods are generally not nutritious. There are no enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals our bodies actually recognize and can use.

When you buy processed meat in large quantities, there are too many chemical substances in hormones, antiseptics, etc., as well as in the factory cattle and pig breeded corn. It is no longer corn. A substance made in a laboratory that causes high cholesterol and other problems when you eat a lot of it. Even commercially raised fish are often given to maize

fast food chains tend to be large buyers of highly refined foods like substances and mass produced meat. Therefore, regular eating fast food is a one-way ticket of all kinds of health problems, and type 2 diabetes is a general knowledge that it is one of big things, not to mention heart disease etc.

Too many dairy products It is not good to be healthy. The man was not intended to drink large amounts of milk, it should be for dairy cattle. Also, dairy products from factory dairy cattle are contaminated with chemicals and additives that cause health problems.

If you eat a little for a while, it does not mean that factories and industrial mass productions and large amounts of refined food will kill you. Especially if you are eating fresh food like fruits and vegetables, you will catch the wild fish and probably eat meat fed. And you will not sit down and eat too much.

Recently, the real problem is to eat too much of the wrong kind of food. Obesity passes through the roof and all the health problems associated with it are the very high part of the collapse of our medical system and medical expenses.

If you are conscious of what is in your body, you can live longer in health, you can shorten your life and kill you.

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