Waitress Tool Kit – Top 15 Items Every Server Must Keep at Work and Why


I am still surprised when my colleague is working and not ready to do the work. When a new server joins our team, we are training for several days with a few of us with a number of gifts. During these "training days" she shows the rope, everything that you need to do. These new girls are training, but we are using pens and calculators. This is when they emphasize that they need to bring their own tools. I always shake my head when the same person is showing karate, people who shift after shifting.

I will list it in the list of the top 15 items that each waitress feels must have in hand, or in a worker locker or bag that briefly explained the reasons.

1) a handful of pens – Yes, useful and convenient. You need to write some for this job. Sometimes a food order, a customer or two need to sign out with a credit card, the pen runs out of ink, the customer needs to write down the phone number or message, the pen mysteriously disappears, shifting every karate It is useful for new colleagues who will be at work!

2) Calculator – It is convenient to organize hints between servers on the tab. It is also effective to reconfirm the calculation.

3) scissors – it is always useful for something, and it is time for you to think that they are most needed when they are not around.

4) Tape Tapes are used to marry crooked banknotes, but in order to put on a cigarette or lot machine you may need an out of order sign Yes. How do I put a "kick me" sign on the tape by joke?

5) Felt Marker – Lend your poster to the dancer twice a week and sign the poster. It was used to stamp the name of the booking sign and to sign a T – shirt for the stag party.

6) Aspirin – You can eliminate the remaining pain to get rid of headaches.

7) Buttocks – I have a stomachache.

8) Gum or mint – It is good to have it after eating a smelly food such as garlic or onion. If you are cold it helps to reduce bad breath. If you tend to chew your gum like a cow, please pop away mint away from it.

9) lipstick or cleft lip – you know the reason.

10) Extra black skirt – in the case of accidents such as spill and lip zipper.

11) Extra top – In most cases, accidents such as spills and hot wing sauces etc.

12) sweater – especially useful in winter. Wear a sweater and do not bother with the bar thermometer. Please be comfortable for the customers of the room, not yourself.

13) extra footwear – shoes become single, or zippers break into boots. Sometimes footwear changes are welcome changes for relaxing pressure points. So you can finish the shift in the last few hours comfortably to a certain extent.

14) tampons – Yeah, I said that.

15) Card "Serving It Right" – Always put it in your wallet and copy it even in the office. This card is obligatory if it is a server that provides alcoholic beverages in Canada. Look at the rules on your regional liquor law.

This list is just the beginning. You add items with the time you feel necessary for your work. By being organized and ready to tackle the shift, you control and look professional. Ultimately, you will be rewarded successfully by making good tips!

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