Vomiting During Late Pregnancy


The change in the body of a woman during pregnancy or pregnancy is due to the possibility of experiencing discomfort such as nausea, heartburn, vomiting etc. during pregnancy. Because of the size of the baby there is not much room for the mother's stomach for too much food but she and she is still eating because her and her parents need nutrition to stay healthy It is necessary to confirm that. A mother can eat small food, sit with a different posture, stop the burden on the stomach, and stop nausea.

If there is pain or severe vomiting at the 3rd month, the cause may be a virus or other illness, so the doctor needs to check out. If you are taking something to relieve your vomiting, or if you are going, you need to contact your doctor.

Sufficient water intake is very important during pregnancy. If you are threatening a lot of things and you can not stop water, please consult a doctor without delay. Insufficient moisture can cause dehydration and premature labor. A serious illness is known as Hipperemesis Gravidarum (Hipperemesis Gravidarum). A woman suffering from this condition always experiences severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy by the birthday of the baby.

In a serious condition, mothers can not dehydrate, lose weight, can not eat, there is a danger of providing the babies and their own nutrients necessary. Mothers can not do normal daily activities. This will affect her baby. Her baby becomes malnourished and dehydrated, and there is a risk of developing diabetes and heart disease later. Because of all these risks, women Gravidarum who experienced overdifferentiation may need to be hospitalized for treatment. You need to be treated without delay.

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