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Firstly, I will clarify how to understand what is an organism. :

The story about organic fruits and vegetables has started long ago. Nutrition, like health and eating habits, is a very broad definition and for some reason "organic" seems to be vague. To maximize our health and start maximizing, let's begin with some basic definitions that everyone needs to know so that you can understand "why" and "how".

First of all, as far as FDA is concerned, we need to understand that there is no definition of the term "organic". Non has not been issued so far, and this authority does not say much about regulating organic farm products sold at stores. Instead, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees national regulations as defined by the National Organic Program (NOP) and implements it according to guidelines created by its members.

Organic NOP definition is defined by long text called "1990 organic food production act". In this long page of 21 pages you can learn a lot about how things are theoretically treated in the United States. Even state or private enterprises can give authority to pass "organic" certification to farmer owners cultivating agricultural products based on NOP regulations.

Formally, when there is an organic label in the product, it is organic. But if it is sealed and processed product (please note that I do not call it food) … it is only 95% organic matter. Is that a problem? "What can 5% do to me? I have always eaten" normal "food of my life. Why do I suddenly go from a regular vegetable to a meal based on organic vegetable nutrition?

essential facts of eating organic matter:

The answer is "Yes". Organic is good for us. In fact, that is the only food for us. As I wrote in the last article, the entire definition of "food" has once lost the original root planted in the center of the soil and re-corruption in the laboratory to achieve the best monetary value Land Owner's Value

The real problem is our health, happiness, and stamina. The most important basic thing we must absolutely remember is to avoid all organic things of this day and age. We avoid chemical substances introduced for the first time except our stomach. Avoid genetic engineering substances that are not intended to create that have already proven to cause many diseases. Cancer is the most famous among them. We avoid harmful substances used to protect insects. Avoid risk.

Health is natural. That is our way. We are born in a system that knows how to handle a very wide variety of materials. We have not begun to understand the vast things of this body. At the same time our body can handle more materials, minimize energy consumption, and can be put together by all laboratories all over the world. Putting gasoline in a car running in diesel, I get in trouble. Putting natural materials in our bodies, I guess you can guess where you are going.

Please do not look into the complexity of food and organic matter.

Organic matter, as already understood, it is never an endless road and will not go far. Among the many factors that affect the quality of fruits and vegetables, there are soils where it grows. For example, when examining the nutritional components of tomatoes, you can see that 15 Mg of magnesium is contained in tomato 'serving'. Which product and where do we read these definitions? How do you know the people who wrote it? A simple fact is not so.

There are averages and out-of-date calculations, and many test regulations, but in fact, without having to specifically check each part of the fruits and vegetables in front of us, simple things I can not know. In order to contain magnesium in the logo, the soil cultivated by tomato must be contained abundantly in tomato. Magnesium is short in the soil, and tomato is short of magnesium. (In fact, there are more factors that help vegetables to take magnesium, so it is a bit more complicated than that …).

This is what I am trying to make by peeking into the world of food.

We can not know 100% what is in food, but it is the best thing we can know, in this era what is not included in our food (Chemical substances, genetically modified substances, etc.)

Based on nutrition of organic fruits and vegetables, eating a balanced diet, removing 2 months of coughing Eating a meal you made is an absolute starting point.

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