"United States Pharmacist" helps you build a better brain


Suzy calls herself a beauty addict and says that our world sees youth and beauty as products. Suzy reminds us as we get older, our hair, skin and nails do too. That is why he formulated a beauty powder based on collagen . "It's pending patent and there's nothing like it in the world," she says. "I'm more than eager to release it to my fan database." The reason why some of us look older and have deeper wrinkles is because our bodies produce less collagen. "We can slow down the visible signs of aging by smoothing out wrinkles and fattening the skin," she says. Collagen is the source of juvenile compounds in our bodies. Restores collagen in our bodies, which slows down as we get older. It also neutralizes free radicals, especially the peroxide that makes us go gray. Collagen also reduces wrinkles in the eyes and even addresses cellulite and the growth of nails and hair. Simply add a tablespoon of your collagen powder to a glass of water with some chopped fruits and ice. Its powder beauty includes collagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin. He will also share his JointScript supplement which includes incense and turmeric (which helps inflammation) and collagen. Suzy says that the supplement catalase will help with gray hair and wrinkles. She will make a beauty drink from Berlagen Berry and show us how to turn the time from inside!

Suzy has been a licensed pharmacist for the past 25 years and is known as "America's Pharmacist ™" and is a practitioner of functional medicine. During the first 6 years of her career, Suzy sold herself with medication, but for the past 19 years, she has studied how natural supplements work in our systems, without the harmful side effects of drugs. Suzy explains: "I was not always aware of natural medicine, I was an unconditional pharmacist when I graduated from the University of Florida School of Pharmacy in 1989. I knew …

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