Understanding the stroke of the elderly – symptoms, effects and assistance


Someone has a risk of stroke, but the elderly are more vulnerable. Elderly people suffering from hypertension are at high risk. Risk is even higher if hypertension is indicated by diabetes, smoking or alcohol swallowing. Men are at higher risk than women.

Elderly people are not always conscious of these factors, but sometimes it seems that they do not know the facts. In a survey conducted at the Mayo clinic in 2007, it was found that 50% of elderly patients who had previously stroke did not recognize the symptoms again. I waited more than three hours from the beginning of the symptoms and waited before going to the hospital.

If stroke patients get medical earlier, the recovery will be better. Living with the aftermath of a serious stroke is a much worse thing than going to a hospital even a very slight attack.

Symptoms of stroke

Part of the body, usually weakness of the arms and legs, is almost always a sign of stroke. To be unable to talk or make a mistake for slum is another symptom that occurs quite regularly. Victims of strokes often find sagging of their faces or sag on one side of their faces. Dizziness, severe head and confusion are other symptoms often seen. No one should take the opportunity to experience these symptoms and need to do so for the elderly. To struggle to go to the hospital can not be compared with the serious sequelae of the stroke.

Post-stroke effect

People can recover very noticeably if the severity of stroke is low. For young victims, recovery may be easier and faster than the elderly. People suffering from severe stroke may be paralyzed on one or both sides. In many cases, the victim can not speak. Recovery is a long and troublesome process, and in many cases it will not recover.

Assistance after stroke

Recovery after a stroke is always wished. There are ways to make it easier for patients despite the fact that many patients do not recover completely. The frustration of being unable to talk or move suddenly makes them very easy and may not cooperate much during the treatment session. However, treatment is very necessary and important.

Occupational, physical and speech therapists can help with these adjustments. The most important thing to remember is that if you or someone else seems to have a stroke, it does not mean that the doctor's examination is too early.

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