Type 2 diabetes – preparation for seasonal vacation


It may be attractive to imagine people with type 2 diabetes simply drinking prescription drugs or injecting insulin to handle health problems. However, diabetes mellitus alone is insufficient disease. Type 2 diabetes should be supported by a healthy diet, exercise, and appropriate medication. From the time of diagnosis, you are eating healthy food and doing more exercise. But what do you do in the holiday season?

& # 39; Vacation seasons – it may not be an official term, but you can rest assured that there is such a thing. From late autumn to New Year, events are focused on the meal after the event.

Food is central, Thanksgiving, Christmas, work party etc. This can cause a lot of anxiety when taking measures to improve your meal.

How can you get into orbit?

Participating in the game plan is the best way to not completely derail diabetic meal plans as the season progresses.

Here are some tips …

1. make a plan. First, plan the future. It is highly likely that you will be familiar with the schedule of the situation, so make a plan in advance and think about what you do not care and which you do not care.

It is beautiful as long as it remains in the remaining time course to have seasonal items . That is the key. Please choose whatever you eat, moderately.

Which events do you plan to have, there is room to eat what you want? Stick to food in your health food menu.

2. Lose a little extra weight The next smart tip is to lose a little extra weight before starting your holiday meal. You get just broken if you increase your weight somewhat by entering 3-4 pounds lightly in the holiday season than you normally do.

This is the easiest way for many, but as the season goes on, it does not have to be too strict.

3. Freeze bulk batch of health food. Finally, consider cooking large amounts of health foods and freezing as many servings as possible. I am busy during the holiday season and often I have to eat on the go.

Frozen health foods will help control both blood sugar and weight, as eating on the go is often less than a healthy eating habits option.

Simply take out the food from the freezer, microwave and you set it up.

Please remember these hints in the last month. You do not have to plan properly and worry about high blood glucose and weight gain.

Healthy Eating Tips

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