Type 2 diabetes – decide your thought before eating


Stress levels rise, as well as many other risk factors that cause type 2 diabetes and heart disease, are exposed to more stress factors than previous generations.

Stress affects the way you eat. It might seem to occupy all the space of our brain. Make us want unhealthy food and make it easy for us to eat more than we need. Diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes breed from stress …

  • We weaken the immune system and accelerate the production of pro-inflammatory cells underlying most diseases
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Breathing is a free and healthy way to relieve stress and help calm our thoughts before we decide to eat. In research, 'heart-rich breathing' relieves stress by lowering negative reactivity to repetitive thinking that sets rich breathing of the mind apart from other reliable stress management approaches [Feldman et al。、2010]

Before eating, sometimes we are placed in a meal situation that is not always a pleasant mood.

Stress will lose control of our emotions. Eating in this state of mind is possibly self-destructive, as food is often used as a source of comfort. Please let your mind and body settle before each meal. And you can make clear and concise decisions like … …

  • When to eat,
  • Eating food

Just eating the food slowly does not force us to think about what we are eating. Our digestion will also be delayed. Our body tells us when you are full, but we are not constantly receiving these messages even if you are overlooked by stress or other emotions. For that reason, it is important to concentrate on eating and eating on messages and feelings that you might encounter on the way. You may not be hungry after eating a little, especially if you are not enjoying what you are eating. If this turns out to be the fact, please check yourself at what point your needs are.

A simple solution to most problems I regret not to hold my breath several times before anyone encounters something. In particular, there is nothing they are struggling with. These breaths do not need to make a scene …

  • They can do quietly and you can make them unnoticed if you are open to the public.
  • Please close your eyes and try deep breathing immediately. I am pleased if you can relax and feel hydration, especially if you can eat outdoors that can suck fresh air.

Please inhale and clean your mind. Think only about the air entering your lungs. When you spit you will blow away your stress and negativity from your body. Calm your heartbeat and reduce your fears. Once you have a clear mind, the time will come when you enjoy your food in a caring way.

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