Type 2 diabetes and a healthy diet – four healthy fiber sources


If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or you are taking measures to prevent diabetes, it is important to include a healthy amount of dietary fiber in your meal plan.

Fiber does not increase your blood sugar level, it helps to control the increase in blood sugar. Dietary fiber is classified as soluble or insoluble and depends on whether the fiber dissolves in water. We need to incorporate both types of these found in many foods.


  • vegetables,
  • cereals, and
  • beans, fibers naturally occur.
  • Insoluble fibers prevent constipation,

  • remove toxic waste from the colon, and
  • helps to balance the intestinal pH
  • .

    Soluble protein helps …

    • We will not eat overexposure as we will prevent the rise of blood sugar after meals.
    • Maintains a healthy proportion of cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

    Many people know that vegetables are a good source of fiber. Here are some healthy sources of information.

    1. Beans. Beans are vegetables you want to consider adding to your meal plan. Beans can be consumed by yourself as a prepared dish or added to another meal such as soup, stew, or dairy.

    There are many kinds, so you can find what you like.

    Fiber content per cup: 15 grams.

    2. Blackberry. Blackberry is another delicious food if you want to increase the intake of dietary fiber. They are also suitable for those who are going to lower their calorie counts because their calories are very low. Blackberry also contains antioxidants, so there are many health benefits.

    It is easy for you to eat it yourself or add it to a smoothie, yogurt, or cereal bowl.

    Fiber content per cup: 7.6 grams

    3. barley. If you eat unpolished rice on the side of meals, it may come time to consider changing to barley instead. Barley is a wonderful cereal, and the fiber is much higher than the brown rice.

    This also presents a more natural, more natural flavor that many people prefer. If you think barley is only for cow's barley soup, think again. There are many tasty ways to serve this cereal.

    Fiber content per cup: 6 grams

    4. oatmeal. There is no better way to start your day than a hearty oatmeal bowl. Oatmeal is naturally sugar-free so it is proven to be an excellent grain to check your blood sugar level.

    It gets a reasonable amount of food in the number of calories found in the oatmeal, which makes it a wonderful choice for people eating weight loss calories.

    Fiber content per cup: 4 grams

    It is essential to get the fibers from various sources, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, cereals.

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