Top Five Eating Mistakes to Avoid to Lose Weight


Weight loss is a difficult business. It seems to be very easy to lose weight, but when it comes to actual performance, most people tend to give up even before actually starting. I have helped people lose weight for nearly five years.

Skipping Breakfast

This is the most common mistake most people are looking for weight loss. If you are serious about working on reducing your weight, this should be avoided based on the experience of many clients after five eating. Generally, people believe that having breakfast will help to lose weight. However, in reality, this is not true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are supposed to take a break in a hurry after having had a long time after dinner. Morning, our body needs hydration and nutrition. Our breakfast is nutritious abundant and well balanced, in fact, it is good for the body. When we skip breakfast, we tend to be overeating during lunch. It is only a few hours delay, nothing more. This indicates that food is unstable in our bodies and brain and that the body stores calories.

Eat while watching TV

This is a common mistake most of us do. While eating food we should concentrate on food. When you are watching TV, surfing the Internet, or eating meals, we tend to be overeating. Please remember that overeating has little or no health benefits. Actually, it is harmful in terms of weight gain. When we ingest a large amount, excess calories are preserved as food in the body.

Use food comfortably

Why do we eat? starved? taste? While watching TV? How to relieve stress? There is no need to do anything else, you can have some coffee .. this is known as a comfortable meal. Whenever you do not need to do anything else, or when you feel stress, eat something.

Do not control parts

Most of my clients ask me what to eat to lose weight, should avoid food, ask me to lose weight

It is calorie It places a burden on us. Some foods are good, or some foods are bad while losing weight, it is the amount or part of the food we eat. Learn how to control your part. Please do not exaggerate.


It takes about 15 minutes for the brain to understand that the brain is full. If you eat too soon, we are over – ovulating before you will know that our brain is full. So please eat slowly.

Be aware of these five common mistakes and help to lose weight. be careful!

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