Top 40 Health Quotes

  1. "Health is what makes us feel this is the best time of the year."
    – Franklin P. Adams
  2. "There is hope for those who have health, everyone has hope"
    – Arabian Proverb
  3. "Getting riches will never endanger your health, health is rich wealth.
    – Richard Baker
  4. "There are a lot of people who spend a lot of time looking at their health and have no time to enjoy."
    – Josh Billings
  5. "Health has science as well as disease.
    – Elizabeth Blackwell
  6. "Never go to the discharged doctor"
    – Erma Bombeck
  7. "Does the physician feel a little bit of calling for practice?
    – George Carlin
  8. "The poorest people did not participate in health for their money, but the richest people are willing to participate in all the money for their health.
    – Charles Caleb Colton
  9. "As you see every day, you build health and make sickness.
    – Adelle Davis
  10. "Keeping good health with too strict regulations is an anxious mind."
    – Francois de La Rochefoucauld
  11. "You can make yourself sick, or you can stay well."
    – Wayne Dyer
  12. "Giving me a health and a day, I will make the emperor's fascination a stupid one.
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  13. "First wealth is healthy.
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  14. "Get up early and get up early and make men healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    – Benjamin Franklin
  15. "Health nuts will be foolish someday, lying in the hospital and nothing dead"
    – Redd Foxx
  16. "Health is worthless until illness comes.
    – Dr. Thomas Fuller
  17. "Hospitals are not sick.
    – Samuel Goldwyn
  18. "Health is not simply a lack of illness."
    – Hannah Green
  19. "Keeping your body healthy is an expression of appreciation for the entire universe, trees, clouds, all.
    – Thich Nhat Hanh
  20. "Wise men should think that health is the greatest in human grace and learn by your thought to derive benefits from your illness Should I?
    – Hippocrates
  21. "The foundation of all happiness is health.
    – Leigh Hunt
  22. "The unity of mind and body is the secret of sickness and health.
    – Arnold Hutschnecker
  23. "Health is worth more than learning.
    – Thomas Jefferson
  24. "We can not ask for health, wealth, learning, justice, or kindness.A behavior is always concrete, concrete, unique and unique.
    – Benjamin Jowett
  25. "One in four people in this country is mentally imbalanced, think of your three best friends, if you think it's okay, you are that person.
    – Ann Landers
  26. "To eat lightly, deeply breathe, live moderately, nourish the cheer, make people interested in life to protect the health"
    – William Ronden
  27. "This is no longer a matter of keeping health, it's a matter of finding a favorite disease"
    – Jackie Mason
  28. "Do not worry about your health.
    – Robert Orben
  29. "When purchased by eternal concern about dieting, some call health is far better than boring illness.
    – George Dennison Prentice
  30. "Your body's energy is higher, your body is more efficient, as your body gets more efficient, feel better and produce excellent results I will use more of your talent for you.
    – Anthony Robbins
  31. "Take care of your body, the only place you have to live."
    – Jim Rohn
  32. "Happiness is only bad for health and memory.
    – Albert Schwitzer
  33. "People who can not afford to protect their health are too busy mechanics to take care of his tools.
    – Proverbs of Spanish
  34. "People who overly protect their health are like violent people, they are showing off treasures that can never be enjoyed.
    – Laurence Sterne
  35. "Measure your health with empathy in the morning and spring."
    – Henry David Thoreau
  36. "Be careful reading a health book, you may die of typos.
    – Mark Twain
  37. "Medicine consists of entertaining patients while nature cures disease.
    – Fran├žois Voltaire
  38. "Our health seems to be worth it all the time it is lost.
    – Unknown
  39. "Time and health are two valuable assets that we do not recognize until exhausted.
    – Denis Waitley
  40. "Look at your health, if you have it, praise God and evaluate it next to conscience; health can be humanized by us humans It is the second blessing, so purchase. "
    – Izaak Walton

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