Top 10 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight


When you become a habit of eating healthy food everyday, your weight will no longer increase.

When I married my husband, his weight was about 205 pounds 7 years ago. Now he is 146.08 pounds. He naturally lost 58.92 pounds while continuing to eat what I cook everyday.

He lost a lot by eating a lot of about 30 pounds three times a day in the first year. He is not dieting, completely stress free, just ate my healthy meal. There is no rebound.

What he ate was pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, fried potatoes, fried chicken, heavy sauce pasta, ice cream, coca cola.

Even though he did not eat a lot at that time, his weight was always up and down, so he could not lose weight.

Here is my top health food list that keeps healthy with thin body.

1. Tofu (silk: 58 calories, farm: 77 calories, made from soybeans, it is very healthy)

2. Seaweed (0 calories, putting it in salad or soup has feeling of fullness)

3. Seafood – (crab, shrimp, shrimp shrimp, squid etc)

4. Vegetables – Nila, onion, onions, buds, cages, red, carrots, napa, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, asparagus, green beans (all vegetables are very low calories)

Mushroom – 0 calories,

7. Strawberries (one medium size: 8 calories, contains a lot of vitamin C), nectarine, apples,

8. Konjac – 0 calories (this is Japanese food.This food will clean your body and make you feel better).

9. Fish – salmon, catfish, sword, tuna

10. Mineral water

There are more vegetables to eat to balance. This is an example of my personal top health food list.

Sauces, seasoning, how you cook is also important. Depending on sauces and seasoning you can eat low-calorie meat, potatoes, pasta.

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