To the health and activity of the heart from the high risk of heart disease


In this article, I show that my friend Patrick went to a healthy and active heart because of the high risk of heart disease. For Patrick it was not always the case. Indeed, when Patrick visited the GP since his 65th birthday, it all began. He told me "I was shocked when the doctor warned me that the risk of heart disease leading to stroke or heart failure was worse. I have not exercised enough with high blood pressure

Lastly I needed what I needed was to cause a heart attack, so I knew I had better watching for myself.I drink a cup in front of the TV I was paying money for medicine or medical examination, but it seemed to be a bit embarrassing in the inflated intestine because it was a bit bad and it was difficult to catch up with my grandchildren.It is at high risk of stroke or early death So I was worried especially that I had to find a way to reduce the risk of heart disease.

If I can not do this, I will stay overweight and my two Energy for gr I have little chance of fighting with my wife and I will lose all the fun of life so much that the challenge and struggle will become bigger and harder to overcome.I have a possibility of stroke, I will no longer be able to fish with my colleagues on a boat, or I can not walk with my loved wife. I can bring dough for my family It will be impossible, I will bear the most beloved person.

My health challenge seems to have improved my mind.One day my wife said, When I said I was so tired and tired, when I said I was unable to visit my grandson, I saw me with a big disappointment.I beat the rock bottom, I got some aggressive Knowing that we must take action I followed the first thing the doctor told me.The doctor told me to start eating healthy things in a way to reduce the risk factor of my heart disease.

I My wife started having fun making a hearty healthy diet if I was convinced that I would eat her.

I began studying diet therapy for heart disease and what kind of food actually is healthy At the beginning, I was overwhelmed by information overload at the beginning, completely overwhelmed by all the different, occasionally inconsistent answers.I spent a lot of money and time to get the information Collected and tried various diets to find out which diet would lower your blood pressure.

One day a friend of my wife who heard about my health challenge sent me an article about the benefits of making your body alkaline. My doctor told me that a healthy diet is one of the factors that helps keep your heart healthy and helps in preventing stroke . My wife and I started dieting Alka Paleo and started drinking only alkaline water. Alka Paleo diet combines the best aspects of Paleo diet and alkaline diet. We purchased an alkaline water filter by looking at the chart of alkaline food when we run the shops every week. We soon got accustomed to eating delicious salad with meat and fish at lunch time, not high carbohydrates or processed foods.

After about 3 months, I reserved to see my GP again. I was really nervous and my palm was sweat. But I was very excited to share my change with the doctor. The doctor wrapped the sphygmomanometer around my arm and I stopped breathing as I expected.

The doctor was often worried about his face, but now it looked like a surprise . My blood pressure fell to a healthy level. I was proud of myself to rule my health and I was excited to convey good news to my wife and children. I no longer worry about stroke and dependence on others. I continued my work at the local council, had fishing and golfing, having energy to hold thread with my colleagues. My wife and I enjoyed having years of age It was fresh to be able to laugh again with her.

The result was more than I could have hoped for. Since I was keeping the ship away from the storm, I found that my life changed dramatically. So, today I have a simple question for you. Do you want to achieve similar results in your own life?


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