Tips for Treating Disabilities


1. You are not your weight – please remove your weight.

2. A gentle meal – Close your eyes, breathe slowly, start noticing how sick, crazy, or willingly you realize how your mood is going? Please find hunger on a scale of 1 to 10. One is hungry and ten are stuffed. I spend 15 minutes in silence and lower the fork after each occlusion. After 15 minutes, please take time to stretch and breath and find your hunger again and finish your meal.

3. Take your mood away from food – food talks about your feelings – please do not eat.

4. There is no talk of food or body – do not talk about food and food handling other people 's body during meals.

5. Follow your food plan – it works for you – know registered dietitian and get food plan.

6. There is no need to do anything by emotion alone. One day we have a lot of feelings. Breathe and remember, another feeling will come. Please obtain certified professionals specializing in eating disorders.

7. It is a choice – the life to live in the words of life

8. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option – M. Kathleen Casey

9. Happiness is an inner work – William Arthur Word

10. You can not dominate other people, places, things.

11. Your brain is not your friend. Do not go alone.

12. You are enough – you are enough – you are enough!

13. Learn to set borders – who do you do with yourself and your recovery first?

14. Tears – It is important to purify your body and share your true self with others.

15. Your recovery will happen first – why? Recurrence is not an option

16. Support, journal, write goals for daily life, learn laughter, learn to connect to their own feelings, connect with people who understand 17. Persistence is made use of practice Because we make all mistakes, there is no true perfection. That is what makes us human.

18. Listen to and learn about this powerful illness that is cunning and puzzled, and learn.

19. Recovery is physical, emotional, spiritual.

20. Trust the process

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