Tips for Eating at Diet


Meals at restaurants are often welcomed … But it is really difficult to diet. The menu shows food especially delicious, and in the research it is shown that if you see something delicious or smell you smell someone's decision. This is a convenient place for tips for eating out.

But a nice timeout at the restaurant does not need to mean an unhealthy meal, according to extra calories and healthy weight loss experts.

The average Americans eat half of a meal outside the house. I know that the location of the fast food is everywhere. According to researchers, following some simple rules, you can stop food by ruining the weight loss efforts. Here's what you are doing …

– Choose a sandwich shop with a vegetable topping or a fast food place with soup or dairy. Cream, soup containing cheese, often beware of the bread accompanying them. This allows you to add 1,000 calories to your meal.

– Do not fry on grilling This saves 280 calories, 27 grams of fat and does not depart from the burned as well.

– Avoid adding high fat such as cheese salad dressing, mayo etc, you can add 100 calories to meals. Make as low fat as possible. When eating salad first you are filled with this, calories are kept low I will. – This will give you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite dish, but because you do not need extra calories, order a small (or child's size part) instead of increasing it. Single burger versus double, and never super size. Remember, the part of the restaurant is as big as it is famous.

– see a sweet drink because this is not enough hungry calories. Please choose water, seltzer or diet drink instead. If you drink alcohol, leave it to one drink and come with hundreds of additional calories, so please avoid delicious frozen items.

– Eat your fork (stop eating) once in several times. By paying attention to the company and its surroundings, it gives your brain a chance to send a "complete" message to your stomach. Indeed, if your part is halved, please stop and rate hunger on a scale of 1 to 5 (one is hungry and five are full of belly). If you are in 3 or 4, please stop eating.

By making a smart choice at a restaurant, you can capture hundreds of excess calories without realizing it. Of course, please be careful of the size of the part as always, since the calorie is large and the load is large compared with what we make at home at many restaurants' meals.

If you can not order accessories, one of the best tips for eating out is to immediately enclose half of the meal before you eat and enjoy the rest. You will taste all the taste and pleasure, but you can only eat half of the other calories.

Healthy Eating Tips

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