Three Black Foods Suitable For Pregnant Women in the Spring


Spring has a warm climate and a calm wind blowing. Everything starts to revive, nature is the best in spring. Pregnant women should take good care of themselves, pay attention to their diet, exercise, and make good habits. Experts suggest that pregnant women should eat three kinds of black foods as much as possible

. Laver

Laver is rich in iodine, calcium, algin, mannite, B complex vitamins, fibers and so on. It reduces cholesterol, softens the blood vessels, and can prevent cyclotry (a type of disease commonly referred to as big neck disease) caused by iodine deficiency. The cuisine recommended for daily cuisine is seaweed soup with dried shrimp and egg. Among these ingredients, shrimp is perfect for calcium supplements.

2. Black rice

Black rice contains abundant protein, and the content of lysine and arginine among 17 kinds of amino acids is 3 times that of white rice or polished rice. The content of iron contained in black rice is six times that of ordinary rice, which can enrich blood. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine believes that black rice stimulates appetite, activates the spleen, warms the liver, improves eyesight, and activates the blood. The best way to eat black rice is to make porridge. Even steaming black rice is OK.

3. Black sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are rich in iron and vitamin E, can improve anemia and cellular aging. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks black sesame can tonify the kidneys, feed the blood, and can make the hair darker. Black sesame can not be digested. People with weak stomachs can drink black sesame or make black sesame into powder. This can be used as a sort of filling material for glutinous rice balls.

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