This is everything the Queen eats in a day


The Queen’s diet is a fascinating one — it’s both mundane and quirky, with enough over-the-top touches to remind you that, yeah, she is totally a queen.From her strict habits to her occasional indulgences, this is what the world’s most famous royal actually eats.

A simple breakfast

Queen Elizabeth wakes up around a.m and enjoys a pot of Earl Grey with milk but no sugar along with a few biscuits.Her proper breakfast is a little more elaborate — she usually shares with Phillip a spread of cereal, yogurt and toast with marmalade.Kellogg’s Special K is the cereal of choice for Liz, according to one former royal chef,and she serves it to herself out of Tupperware, just like regular folks.But one bowl she occasionally likes to eat it out of is insanely luxurious, according to that same chef

“It was a marble dish with three gold horses.The dish was encrusted with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.Thirty-something years ago it was valued at, pounds.”

First drink of the day

The Queen’s daily choice of alcohol is utterly unwavering.Just before lunch, she’ll drink a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and ice.For the uninitiated, Dubonnet is a sweet, wine-based aperitif that blends fortified wine, herbs, and spices, and it was the favorite drink of the Queen Mother.

Two-parts Dubonnet and one-part gin — either Gordon’s or Tanqueray — is the Queen’s recipe.”Dubonnet, the drink for all occasions.”Lunch tends to be uncomplicated for the Queen.

Served around p.m., it tends to involve some combination of fish and vegetables.According to her former chef, a typical lunch might consist of grilled Dover sole on a bed of wilted spinach, or something similar.

On special occasions, she might go for something a bit fancier, such as rib of lamb, followed by a tart with meringue for dessert.

A not-so-simple tea

The Queen’s famous afternoon tea session consists of a variety of cakes, finger sandwiches, and jam sandwiches.
These, of course, are served with of cup of tea.Originating in the s, afternoon tea quickly became a favorite meal of the higher social classes.Nowadays, it’s more of a special occasion thing, but the Queen still sits for it every day.

Dinner with Phil

As with lunch, special dinners can be an extraordinarily indulgent and elaborate affair — when it’s just Liz and Phil, however, that’s rarely the case.The pair will change into a more comfortable set of clothes before enjoying a “relaxed” meal of meat — often sourced from the Queen’s own estates — with vegetables, followed by a martini.Dessert might include strawberries or white peaches grown at Windsor Castle.

Final drink

After dinner, the Queen has her final drink of the day while winding down and enjoying a crossword or jigsaw puzzle a glass of Champagne.No fewer than eight brands of Champagne carry the royal warrant, though the Queen is said to partial to Bollinger and Krug, just to name a few.

Royal chocolate

While she has her fair share of gastronomic likes and dislikes, one particular favorite of the Queen’s deserves special mention chocolate.Among her most well-loved desserts are chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate

ganache sponge cake.

“I love you! There, I’ve said it.I love you!”And the queen loves her chocolate as dark and as bitter as possible — a cocoa content of percent or higher is a must-have, and she isn’t a huge fan of milk or white chocolate.

Post-church roast

The Queen sits down for a traditional roast after attending Sunday mass.The cut of meat comes from something hunted on her own estates, and she has a preference for well-done meat, not being a huge fan of the rarer cuts.

If she’s anything like her subjects, this Sunday roast is accompanied and followed by a great deal of boozing, but we’re not quite able to confirm that detail.

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