These Three Most Important Food Groups Are Key to Eating Healthy


The best and most desirable meal for good health should consist mainly of three basic whole food groups. These foods can be applied to anyone and supply an adequate amount of all nutrients necessary for maintaining optimum health including a sufficient amount of high quality protein. It is important to create healthy eating and daily menus from foods of these three main food groups that are local land and grown locally (wherever possible on organic farms). Make sure your meal consists of various fresh whole foods of these three food groups.

# 1. Cereals, beans, beans, seeds, nuts – This is the food group of the most important and powerful health promotion. The excellent nutrition of these foods excels because it contains the secret of life itself. Genitalia is the reproductive and life force of all seeds. It is essential for life, health, reproductive ability. This food group contains all essential nutrients for human growth and health maintenance.

Contrary to having heard of buckwheat, almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

to eat mainly what you have eaten with what your ancestor ate and what was cultivated mainly It is the best way. , And peanuts all contain complete proteins that are equivalent in animal protein to biological quality values. This food group is also the best natural source of essential unsaturated fatty acids necessary to maintain health. Vitamin content (especially vitamin E and B complex vitamins) of this food group is outstanding. Cereals, nuts, seeds are also treasure chests of minerals and trace elements. Minerals are also useful for balancing body chemistry, especially alkalinity and acidity. Pacifalin is also included in this group. Pacifalin enhances the natural resistance of the body. Finally, whole grains, legumes, beans, and seeds provide the body with the necessary fiber and grain contents.

The best cereals to eat are buckwheat, oats, millet, brown rice. This is very important to avoid grain and intestinal problems. Most other grains are beneficial, but today it is one of the most common allergens so care is required for wheat. These cereals can be eaten everyday in the form of cereals, porridge, bread, pancakes, soups and so on. Cereal cooking and sprouting helps to release important minerals by degrading mineral phytin binding and assimilating minerals in the intestinal tract. The best seed is flax seed, chicken sesame, sesame, pumpkin seed. Please note that sunflower seeds are very weak acidity. The best nuts are almonds and hazelnuts. Do not purchase roast nuts and seeds because it is carcinogenic due to high fever. Always eat fresh raw nuts and seeds, including raw almond butter and raw peanut butter.

# 2. Vegetables – This is the next most important food group to be incorporated into your daily diet. Vegetables are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes. Most green leafy vegetables also contain the highest quality complete protein. Vegetables such as green beans, squash, yam, potatoes, etc. need to be steamed or baked. However, most vegetables should eat raw meals in the form of salads every day. Some exceptions are spinach and char, which contain highly toxic oxalic acid and asparagus. Prepare vegetables of the cabbage family, cooked or lactic fermented. Garlic and onion are strong health promoting vegetables and must be part of your diet. Other excellent vegetables are Jerusalem artichokes, Western radish, black radish, celery roots, parsley. Also please put root vegetables in a meal such as carrot, potato, beet, turnip, passive, yam. Potatoes are very nutritious and are the best baking or steaming. Please note that potatoes must be kept in the dark as potatoes develop as toxic chemicals solanine develop when exposed to light. Also, please remove the "eyes" (buds) of the potatoes before cooking.

# 3. Fruits – Fruits are a powerful source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, digestible fruit sugar is also easy. In addition, they are an excellent cleansing food for breakfast, can be eaten during meals, but can not eat meals. As the content of vitamins sharply decreases, it is best to eat fresh fruits and seasonal fruits. It is also beneficial to eat sun dried fruits, but they are not sulphated and preferably must be cultivated organically. Do not use sulfur preservatives in all dried fruits. The best tanned fruits are dried grapes, figs, apricots, and cutlets. Two points of caution about eating fruits now: eat fruit moderately and eat fruit with hunger. If you eat too much fruit, putting plenty of sugar in your bloodstream and eating fruits with other foods will corrupt your body and lead to poor digestion.

Everyday quotation: The truth in human beings that he will eat. Healthy food = healthy body. Unhealthy food = body not healthy. – Gandhi

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