There is no mental health problem in America


In light of the recent school gun battle and continuing to strive to abolish the right to defend ourselves, the new mantra has mental health problems in the USA, and that problem is related to the illness of our country It means that it is in the center. 19659002] I do not agree with that statement, but there are many people who have mental health problems for various reasons and need facilities and professional care to help these people

However, . Many of our young people are not taught to cope with the problems inadvertently coming into our lives. Life is life, it should rain all my life.

In many cases, society and parents no longer provide the training we need for our young people. Children were protected by adults of most meanings from these adversities, and their experiences did not give the opportunity to grow.

Young children showing the first signs of violent behavior, or lack of focus down them. They are just young children. That is, young children do not concentrate, make it a child, nothing wrong.

In order to succeed living, we must teach children how to lose, art has been taken away, everyone gets a participation trophy and everyone becomes a winner recently.

Joined in real life There is no trophy. Regardless of how you do, if you are taught to be a winner, how can children learn to lose? Why do not you learn to improve yourself, even if they have never been before?

Many of the reasons our children's incompetence deal with are born by social change in our culture, individuals. Children can no longer be raised even if the same value is given to children of the previous age.

Political correctness once destroyed what was at the heart of the American value system.

Some parents and their families tell their children values ‚Äč‚Äčthat carved the days that made our country a great one, but still children have confidence, diligence, Individual responsibility, please tell the child and tell me.

The United States is now having a moral health problem. Our value is only when our moral health problems are resolved, as we did when the state was established, as when a great country was established

Our mental health problems Will disappear and many of the many problems we face as a country will also disappear and will not be important again.

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