The worst thing to say to naturally thin people (and hints from them)


Yeah, I am a thin girl. know. 5 & ​​# 11, 11 & lbs. What people do not notice is reasonable – I do not have hyperthyroidism, I am walking all my life like this. I eat junk all day and I do not exercise. (In Jim 's class, I understand that skinny does not mean fitting now as clinically obese people have overtaken me.

To be fair,

Anyway, I'm tired of being sick and tired of the people who actually think of it But you must read this part first If you make a promise, please tell me how I am lean, branch / rake / railroad, weakness, childhood, anorexia, skeleton, and all other names that make me embarrassed.

So I write this article because I know how your words are affecting the lean people like me. Below is the comment that I always hear, it is the face of a perfect stranger and friend, the parenthesis is a smart Alec retort. This is a tongue, but it is based on reality. At least for me.


"Because you are very thin, it will be halved!" (Er, yes)

"What you know is that cute chicks I do not like it. "

" You need a cheese steak, hon. "


When I eat something, I will be: "Binge eating is a serious illness." (Lady, there is a health risk to entering my business as well )

When called again with Paris Hilton * …

But if I have SUGGEST ladies so far as "too soft", then even wherever I am, the evil It is a threat to people It is just a bad thing to degrade your body to make your body thinner

It is interesting that my "trick" stays thin as well. … It is funny to have meals and exercise prescribed because I am thin At the same time, last year I felt an interesting "thing" that naturally cynically nominated people realized (including myself) without realizing it. [19659002] I can not explain these 'tricks' to strange, unimodal sounds to people, or just can not let them dismiss me as a crazy loan.But I get a webpage with my signature

This is something I want to do, as this may have caused me to be very thin

So if you are really nature If you want to learn the secrets of people losing weight to you, go there, but if you comment that you mean our body simply, the insult that you are too thin will be the same as any other Do you know that it is an insult?

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